[High-speed bus] Introduction to JESD204B

1. Introduction JESD204 is a high-speed serial interface connecting data converters (ADCs and DACs) and logic devices, supporting serial data rates up to 12.5 Gbps and ensuring repeatable deterministic latency for JESD204 links. As high-speed ADCs enter the GSPS range, the preferred interface protocol for data transfer to FPGAs (custom ASICs) is JESD204B. The JESD204B standard is a layered specifi... »

Windows kernel driver development (WDK environment construction)

Go to the official website to download the WDK installation package and Visual StudioDownload the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs First install Visual Studio. I don’t need to explain how to install it. Directly download the SDK and WDK in steps 2 and 3 below. SDK download address WDK download address Note that the downloaded SDK and WDK versions need to be consist... »

[FPGA]RGMII interface

Table of contents 1. RGMII interface overview 2. Introduction to RGMII interface 2.1 MII inlet 2.2 RMII interface 2.3 GMII interface 2.4 RGMII interface 1. RGMII interface overview Ethernet communication is inseparable from the support of the physical layer PHY chip. There is an interface between the Ethernet MAC and PHY. Commonly used interfaces include MII, RMII, GMII, RGMII, etc.MII(Medium Inde... »

Storage system in ARM architecture

Embedded systems based on the ARM core may include various types of memory such as Flash, ROM, SRAM, SDRAM, etc. Different types of memory have different access speeds and data widths. The following mainly describes it from three aspects: address space, memory format and memory aligned access. 1.Address spaceThe ARM architecture treats memory as a linear combination of bytes starting at address ze... »

How to import Lichuang component packaging library into AD for use

How to import Lichuang component packaging into AD for use? 1. Download schematic packaging and PCB packaging from Lichuang1. Enter Lichuang to search for capacitors2. Download PCB package3. Download the schematic package (same as above)4. Download completed 2. Export the downloaded file as a LIB file in AD1. Generate PCB library. Double-click to enter the downloaded PCB file, Design>>Genera... »

Introduction to device drivers

The following content is derived from Zhu Youpeng’s study and organization of embedded courses. If there is any infringement, please inform us to delete it. 1. The concept of drive Device Driver, referred to as Driver, Driver,Refers to the code in the operating system used to control the hardware. The driver is the interface between the hardware and the operating system. Only through this in... »

Timing analysis and constraints based on Xlinx (1)—-What is timing analysis? What are timing constraints? What is timing closure?

Article directory         write in front         Sharpen your knife and keep it from chopping wood         What is timing analysis?         What are timing constraints?         What is timing closure? write in front Timing constraints and analysis are an essential skill in the FGPA development process, and it is also a relatively difficult part of design and development. When many people talk abou... »

ARM development (1) Preparatory knowledge – semiconductor devices, analog and digital parts, computer composition and principles

A preliminary knowledge point 1. Semiconductor devices (1) Switching characteristics of semiconductor devices Logic 0 and 1: represented by high and low levels in digital electronic circuits. The basic method of obtaining high and low levels: using the two working states of on and off (i.e. on and off) of semiconductor switching elements (2) Diode Diode symbol: Summarize: After encapsulating a PN ... »

How to use the esp8266 module (detailed explanation) essential for getting started

1.Structure of esp01 2.Use of wifi This time we useESP-01S, in the design, in addition to ESP01S, there is also ESP-01. The main difference between the two is,connection part of circuit, ESP-01S has a pull-up resistor internally, so in actual use,The enable terminal of EN does not need to be connected.Generally, you only need to connect 4 wires (VCC Ground tx RE).andWhen ESP-01 is in use, it requi... »

Summary of IIC communication protocol (detailed description of the complete process)

Introduction to IIC protocol The IIC (inter-integrated Circuit integrated circuit bus) bus supports short-distance communication between devices and is used for the interface between the processor and some peripheral devices. It requires two signal lines to complete the exchange of information. A special process advantage of IIC is that the microcontroller only requires two general-purpose I/O pin... »

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