How to import Lichuang component packaging library into AD for use

How to import Lichuang component packaging into AD for use?

Note: Here we take AD20 and capacitor 0603 as examples to explain in detail the import and use of the principle library and PCB library of Lichuang components.

1. Download schematic packaging and PCB packaging from Lichuang

1. Enter Lichuang to search for capacitors

2. Download PCB package

3. Download the schematic package (same as above)

4. Download completed

2. Export the downloaded file as a LIB file in AD

1. Generate PCB library. Double-click to enter the downloaded PCB file, Design>>Generate PCB Library.

2. Generate schematic library. Double-click to enter the downloaded schematic file, Design>>Generate schematic library.

3. The generation is completed.

3. The generated library file is used in AD

Method 1: Drag in directly. Left-click to select the library file and drag it to your LIB folder to use it. At this time, 0603c is not in your project folder, which is similar to adding a path to point to it. (The principle library operates the same as the PCB library)

Method 2: Copy to your own library. (recommend)

1. Enter the 0603c package library

2. Right click and copy

3. Enter the PCB packaging library under the project file, Add or paste it into the empty space

4. The operation of the principle library is the same as above.

4. Connect the PCB package to the schematic diagram

1. Open the engineering principle library and select the model (the package model here is correct)

2. Click Browse, search the PCB library, select the required package, and confirm

3.OVER. You can find 0603 in Components. (Of course, the component ID here is 100nF.)

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