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[High-speed bus] Introduction to JESD204B

1. Introduction JESD204 is a high-speed serial interface connecting data converters (ADCs and DACs) and logic devices, supporting serial data rates up to 12.5 Gbps and ensuring repeatable deterministic latency for JESD204 links. As high-speed ADCs enter the GSPS range, the preferred interface protocol for data transfer to FPGAs (custom ASICs) is JESD204B. The JESD204B standard is a layered specifi... »

Thoughts triggered by a key-pressing program (Part 1)

Speaking of button programs, anyone who knows microcontrollers must be familiar with them. Generally, when you start learning microcontrollers, the introductory programs are basically LED lights and buttons. So is there anything special about this button program? Does it need to be thought about specially? I would have thought the same way when I first started learning microcontrollers, but with t... »

What is a host computer

1. Upper computer and lower computerThe upper computer corresponds to the lower computer and is used to send instructions to the lower computer and receive feedback data from the lower computer.Generally, the host computer is a computer, and the lower computer is controlled through the software running on the computer (called the host computer software).The upper computer software needs to realize... »

Use the make tool to compile all .c in any directory and link & specify the output directory

How to write a Makefile to compile all .c files in this directory First, let’s look at how to write a makefile to compile and link .c in this folder: __build: main src := $(wildcard *.c) obj := $(src:.c=.o) main: $(obj) $(CC) $^ -o $@ $(obj): %.o: %.c $(CC) -c $< -o $@ .PHONY: clean clean: rm -f *.o main In this makefile, the variable src is all .c files in the current directory, obj is all .o ... »

Summary of digital and electronic knowledge points

Article directory 1. Basics of Logical Algebra2. Logic gate circuit3. Combinational logic circuit4. Trigger5. Generation and shaping of pulse waveforms6. Sequential logic circuit7. Overview of digital systems8. Semiconductor memory9. Programmable logic devices10. Digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion 1. Basics of Logical Algebra Basic principles of Karnaugh map (1) If two minimum term... »

Shenzhou Loongson GSC3290 adapted to Yutai YT8521S operating instructions

1. Introduction to the environment 1. Main control chip GSC3290 is an industrial-grade SoC chip designed by Beijing Shenzhou Loongson Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd. based on the independent intellectual property Loongson 32-bit processor core. The chip adopts advanced CMOS technology, has a main frequency of 300MHz, and integrates a wealth of functional modules and peripherals on the chip.GSC... »

Based on the 51 tracking car (the first project for beginners!!!)

       Preparation 1) Control chip: Since I have just completed the 51 basic course, I will use the 51 learning board (STC89C52RC) directly here. 2) Body: You can buy it directly from Taobao, and it usually comes with everything (acrylic body, motor, tires and fixing screws). 3) L298N motor drive module: The L298N module can drive the motor to rotate forward and reverse, and can directly power the... »

Music player based on STM32, using PWM to control the buzzer

Table of contents Show results Preface 1. Design background 1.1. Knowledge reserve 2. System design plan 2.1. Implement functions 2.2. Hardware part 2.3. Software part 3. Software design 3.1. Design flow chart 3.2. Setting of music frequency 3.3. Main ideas of programming 4. Programming Show results   Using PWM to control the buzzer based on STM32 Preface         For the music player project, I us... »

About the pitfalls of ARM development (AI)

Maybe I’m a bit of a noob and I need to communicate with the big guys in the community. Now we are working on edge machines and heterogeneous servers. The edge machines are ARM. It is better to use python. It is more troublesome to use C++ to install the environment. Cross-compiling for arm is also very troublesome, and there are various drivers. You also have to do it yourself, USB is very annoyi... »

Teach you step by step how to use it – commonly used modules – HC05 Bluetooth module, wireless Bluetooth serial port transparent transmission module, (example: mobile phone Bluetooth controls STM32 microcontroller to light up the LED light)

I’ve been learning STM32 recently. After finishing the basics, I wanted to learn a few modules to consolidate my knowledge, so I thought of the Bluetooth module. It’s so sad to play. There are many blogs teaching how to connect, but I still seem a bit confused. I won’t explain the principles and knowledge points of the module. Here I will mainlyHand in handRecord how I learned and used the B... »

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