oculus quest2 gesture interaction

Of course, the handle is also available.Official exampleBoth are included. Screenshot below: Above are the various grabbing methods: pinch, poke, grab, etc. A more specific example of hand pressing a button is as follows:   Below is an example of grab movement and two-handed scaling.   Examples of various gesture recognition are as follows: The directory is a little different from what the officia... »

Unity to WeChat game quick creation process

Unity to WeChat game quick creation process 1. Download the mini game SDK “SDK download address” Download plugin directly 2. Unity installation plug-in The unity version I use is 2019.4.36. I tried the 2021 version, but there was a problem with packaging. After the import plug-in is installed, “WeChat Mini Game” will appear on the toolbar. 3. Unity packaging The following s... »

After Unity imports the fbx model, the rotation and position of the object automatically change during runtime.

After Unity imports the fbx model, the rotation and position of the object automatically change during runtime. Problem Description Today, during the development of the game, I imported an FBX material of a ship from the Internet. I want to use this model to replace the ship that was originally designed with cube as the model. ​ After the model is imported into Unity, it is vertical by default. ​ ... »

Unity and iFlytek voice interaction: using aiui skills

Voice interaction When it comes to artificial intelligence, it cannot be separated from voice. Everyone will think that a device that can talk to people is a manifestation of intelligence. In terms of domestic voice intelligence research and development, iFlytek is recognized as the best. When understanding voice intelligence, customers have mentioned The one is iFlytek, because their goal is to m... »

Unity implements character movement and camera following

This is a method I learned as a beginner to realize character movement and camera following. Let’s take a look at how I learned it. Table of contents 1. The camera rotates based on mouse input 2. Objects move according to keyboard input 1. Create a moving object script 2. Create input control script 3. Determine the direction of movement of the object 3. The camera follows the characters 4. Zoom i... »

Unity 2D side-scrolling game (JUNGLE RULES)

Table of contents < Game Demo > < Project content > (1) Project content < Project Analysis > (1) Game planning (2) Game art (3) Game program < Project implementation > (1) Game character (Player) (2) Enemy (3) UI interface (4) Camera (5) Billboard (6) Game scene (Scene) < project source code >​​​​​​​ < Game Demo >                     Alibaba cloud disk sharinght... »

Unity uses XML to create a simple login system

Save account and password through XML files and store them locally, a simple login system that does not connect to the database. 1. Create an XML file and set an initial account password. public void Creat() { localPath = UnityEngine.Application.streamingAssetsPath + "/" + "MyXML.xml"; if (!File.Exists(localPath)) { XmlDocument xml = new XmlDocument(); XmlDeclaration xmldecl = xml.CreateXmlDeclara... »

How to play videos in Unity

1. First create a new Raw Image in the UI in the scene You can hold down Alt and click the red arrow in the picture below to spread the Raw Image to the full screen of the game (you can also adjust the size yourself)   2. Add Video Player component to Raw Image 3. Create Render Texture in Assets or the folder you want 4. Drag the prepared video (the video format used here is mp4) into the project ... »

Unity[DateTime]- How to add a validity period to the software

Functional requirements: Set a validity period for the software. When the specified time is exceeded, the program cannot run. Implementation idea: Define a constant to record a time, which we call the mark time. Use the current time minus the mark time. If the time interval is greater than the set validity period, exit the program. Specific steps: 1. Define the marking time constant: //Mark time p... »

[Unity3D-UGUI Application] (4) Using UGUI pop-up window display model and pop-up window model interaction

Recommended reading Home pageGitHub open source addressUnity3D plug-in sharingSimple addressMy personal blogQQ group: 1040082875 Hello everyone, I am a Buddhist engineer☆The peaceful little magic dragon☆, Unity development skills are updated from time to time. If you find it useful, remember to click three times. I. Introduction Some time ago, I shared the properties and usage methods of each comp... »

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