[Linux] Use of basic development tools in Linux environment – yum | vim | gcc & g++ | gdb | make & makefile | progress bar | git

Use of basic development tools in Linux environment 1. Linux package manager yum1.1 What is a software package1.2 Three steps for software installation1.2.1 View software packages1.2.2 Install software1.2.3 Uninstall software 2. vim2.1 Basic concepts of vim2.2 vim command mode instruction set2.2.1 Move the cursor2.2.2 Text operations 2.3 vim bottom line mode instruction set2.4 Simple vim configura... »

Alibaba Cloud server construction and Pagoda panel installation (graphic tutorial)

I bought a cloud server at a previous Alibaba Cloud event. I was a little confused when I first got it. Then I collected information, organized notes, and made a simple tutorial on setting up a cloud server. Installation system: Linux CentOS 8.2 64-bit 1. Change the instance password ExampleThat is, instance can be understood as an independent computing unit virtualized in cloud computing resource... »

vscode configure remote ssh

Preface This can be achieved by simply configuring remote ssh with vscode. Using vscode to edit files online through ssh is very convenient, but it also encounters some pitfalls. Install plugin Set interface Right click on the leftmost tab bar: Check Remote Resource Manager Add remote server Click+No., enter the ssh command to connect: Select a file for storage: Note: There is a pitfall here. If t... »

[Linux] Common instructions (2)

Table of contents command (important) 2.cp command (important) command (important) command 5.more command 6.less directive (important) command (important) Linux commands have many parameters, and it is impossible for us to remember them all. We can get help by checking the online manual. The command to access the Linux man page is man grammar:man [options] command Common opt... »

69.Qt implements two-way authentication between Https ssl certificate and intranet server IP

Reference   1. Install OpenSSL download link:Win32/Win64 OpenSSL Installer for Windows – Shining Light Productions When installing to the second option, choose to install to the specified /bin directory. After downloading, copy the two dlls to: Then import it in qt pro: LIBS += -LD:\OpenSSL-Win64\lib -llibcrypto -llibssl INCLUDEPATH... »

POST and GET request methods for Postman interface testing

1. Basic knowledge 1. Five request methods of HTTP: GET, POST, HEAD, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, TRACE and CONNECT methods. **GET request**: Request the specified page information and return the entity body. (usually used to receive data). **POST request**: Submit data to the specified resource for processing request, and the data is included in the request body. POST requests may lead to the creation o... »

gateway solves cross-domain problems, and has been solved by personal testing

Cross domain: If the domain name or port is different, it means cross-domainOverview of cross-domain issues: The browser prohibits the sender of the request from making cross-domain ajax requests with the server, so the request is intercepted by the browser.solution: Ajax solves cross-domain problems through cros, that is, before each request, it will ask the target server whether it allows its ow... »

[Linux Ladder] Chapter 2 · Linux system environment setup

write in front Hello everyone, my name is kikokingzz. My name is too long to remember. You can call me kiko~ Starting today, I will officially start a new check-in topic——【Linux Ladder】, that’s right! This is the ladder plan, which aims to combine practical combat with theory through a series of special explanations.Thorough grasp of theoretical knowledge of operating systems,Be proficient in Linu... »

Where can I view the system logs of Windows system servers?

WWhere can I view the Windows system server system log? What are server logs? A server log is one or more log files automatically created and maintained by a server that contains a list of the activities it performs To put it simply, the server’s diary is to record the entire process of the website being visited, who visited it at what time, what search engine visited it, whether your webpag... »

ESXI 7.0 version configures N card graphics card pass-through

ESXI 7.* version configuration N card graphics card pass-through Antecedent The ESXI version is too new and there are no reference materials online. There are various problems with graphics card pass-through. As soon as the graphics card driver is installed in the virtual machine, the host machine will be directly suspended. So I searched various information and made various attempts, and finally ... »

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