Regarding the solution to the problem of Windows request timeout when pinging a virtual machine

Regarding my Windows related problem of pinging the virtual machine host name request timeout in the command prompt 1. Check whether the firewall is turned off2. Check out Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security3. Check whether the VM service is turned on4. Click Change Network Adaptation Options5. Finally, I discovered that the IP address of the hosts file in my local C:\Windows\System32... »

Summary of common redis commands and use of RedisDesktopManager

STRING 1) – Select which database: Select the first database select 12)–Move key from data 1 to database 0: select 1 move mykey 03)–Set key-value pairs: set myKey abcSet multiple key-value pairs at one time: MSET fruit “apple” drink “beer” food “cookies”4)–Retrieve key-value pairs: get myKey–Get a key randomly: randomkey– View all keys in the database: keys *5)–Delete key: del myKeyNote: If the ke... »

[Linux] Use of basic development tools in Linux environment – yum | vim | gcc & g++ | gdb | make & makefile | progress bar | git

Use of basic development tools in Linux environment 1. Linux package manager yum1.1 What is a software package1.2 Three steps for software installation1.2.1 View software packages1.2.2 Install software1.2.3 Uninstall software 2. vim2.1 Basic concepts of vim2.2 vim command mode instruction set2.2.1 Move the cursor2.2.2 Text operations 2.3 vim bottom line mode instruction set2.4 Simple vim configura... »

nginx common configuration templates

nginx common configuration templates 1. Forward proxy # Forward proxy to baidu service location = /baidu.html { proxy_pass; } The concept of forward proxy:Forward proxy means adding a proxy server between the client and the target server. The client directly accesses the proxy server, and then the proxy server accesses the target server and returns to the client. During this p... »

Troubleshooting ideas and solutions to the problem of high CPU usage in Linux systems

Article directory Prefacemethod oneMethod Two case analysisscene descriptionResolution processSolution Summarize This article mainly introduces to you the troubleshooting ideas and solutions to the problem of high CPU usage in Linux systems. The article introduces it in great detail through sample code. It has certain reference learning value for everyone to learn or use Linux. Friends who need it... »

Cache penetration, cache breakdown, cache avalanche detailed explanation

1. Cache penetration Cache penetration means that the data requested by the client does not exist in the cache or the database, so the cache will never take effect and these requests will be knocked down to the database. That is to say, this data does not exist at all. If a hacker attacks and activates many threads to keep sending requests for this non-existent data, then the requests will be sent... »

[Linux] Common instructions (2)

Table of contents command (important) 2.cp command (important) command (important) command 5.more command 6.less directive (important) command (important) Linux commands have many parameters, and it is impossible for us to remember them all. We can get help by checking the online manual. The command to access the Linux man page is man grammar:man [options] command Common opt... »

Detailed explanation of HAProxy restart mechanism

Table of contents How haproxy stops the process 1. Hard stop 2. Soft stop Process analysis of haproxy stopping process haproxy restart mechanism 1. A fatal error occurred 2. Failed to bind port 3. Correctly bind the port Analysis of possible connection failures during reload 1. The new process cannot bind to the port that the old process has bound. 2. When the old process closes the listening port... »

Solve vue multi-level routing cache failure Solve the multi-level routing cache problem based on keep-alive vue keep-alive cache failure vue-element-admin multi-level routing cache failure

The routing menu exceeds the third level cache and is invalid. usedvue-element-adminMy friends must know very well that the configuration of routing is directly related to the display of the sidebar navigation menu. Thanks to this design idea, almost most background frameworks adopt this solution. However, there is an obvious problem with this solution. In order to implement a multi-level sidebar ... »

Linux system-process concept

Linux process concept Zero, Preface1. Von Neumann architecture2. Operating system3. Process1. Describe the process-PCB2. Check the process3. Get the process identifier4. Create a process-fork()5. Process status6. Zombie process7. Orphan process8. Process priority9. Environment variables1) Test PATH2) Test HOME3) How to obtain environment variables4) Command line variables Zero, Preface This chapte... »

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