Initial Selenium

automated test Seleniumexampleselenium webdriverselenium IDE Selenium Selenium is an open source automated testing tool for web applications. By writing scripts that simulate user operations, it will open a browser to perform black-box testing on web applications. It can be conveniently used for functional testing, compatibility testing, stability testing and concurrent testing. At present, it has... »

A preliminary understanding of OpenStack (T version)

Table of contents I. Overview1. Types of Cloud Computing Services2. Commercial Cloud Classification3. OpenStack service4. Advantages of OpenStackFive, OpenStack layered thinkingSix, OpenStack component communication relationshipSeven, OpenStack physical architecture 2. Environment deployment1. Basic configuration2. Configuration service (control node)1. Install and configure MariaDBTwo, install ra... »

Advantages of golang compared to java_Comparison of golang language and other programming languages

Anyone who has been in the software industry for a while knows that there is no universal programming language, no universal development framework, and no universal solution. The emergence of any new technology should be attributed to the strong dissatisfaction of some people with the old technology. The Go language is no exception. For example, dependency management in C, garbage collection in C+... »

Hydra 6.4.xx, Hydra program framework

Hydra 6.4.xx, Hydra program framework Hydra is an application framework that allows developers to create modular applications that can mix managed (.NET) and unmanaged (“native” Delphi and Island) code in the same project, available on either platform in combination creating a seamless user experience while creating the best technologies available. Hydra bridges the gap between unmanag... »

Installation and simple use of AsciiDoc

scenes to be used It is suitable for multi-page document writing with multi-person collaboration, and can generatePDFordocxeasy to read format Advantages of asciidoc Support include external.adocfile so that the book can be written in chapters. For example, write complex requirements documents, write an operation manual or language summary. Supports complex and rich plain text writing formats. A c... »

TIOBE September programming language rankings: Python is close to the first place, only 0.16% away!

TIOBE officially released the latest programming language list for September. Let’s take a look at the latest changes in this month’s list. 1. Python is about to occupy the top position In this month’s list, you can see a “thrilling” scene: the difference between the second-ranked Python and the top-ranked C language is only 0.16%. You know, since TIOBE began to count the monthly... »

Which of the three classic books by world-class software development guru Martin Fowler have you read?

Martin Fowler, a world-class software development master, Chief Scientist of ThoughtWorks. He is an author, speaker, consultant, and thought leader in the general software development field. He is committed to improving enterprise-level software design, striving for good design and the engineering practices that support good design. He has made outstanding contributions in the fields of refactorin... »

The comparison and difference between sass and less

What are Sass and Less? Both sass and less are CSS preprocessors. CSS preprocessing defines a new language. The basic idea is to use a special programming language to add some programming features to CSS, use CSS as the target to generate files, and then developers only need to use this language to process CSS coding work. In layman’s terms, it means “use a special programming language... »

Appium summarizes some knowledge points

tool namesystem under testtestscripting languageSupport H5cross applicationstabilitySDK comes withmonkeyrunnerAndroidFunctionpythonsupportnoStablizeyesinstrumentationandroid less than 4.1FunctionjavasupportCanStablize no uiautomator2android greater than or equal to 4.1FunctionjavasupportCanStablizeyesadb-for-testAndroid greater than or equal to 4.1Functionjava、pythonsupportCanStablizenomonkeyAndro... »

ROS vlp16, RS-Ruby Lite and FLIR Bliackfly S driver configuration + Autoware-AI installation

1. Configuration goals In Ubuntu18, install the ROS driver of Velodyne 16-line lidar, RS-Ruby Lite lidar and FLIR Blackfly S color camera, and install Autoware-AI at the same time. 2. Software and hardware environment Hardware: Dell G15 5511 (NVIDIA 3060 GPU)OS: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS ROS:Melodic CUDA:10.0(CUDNN:7.6.5) Qt:5.12.11 3. Process (1) Make an Ubuntu installation disk Download the Ubuntu imag... »

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