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Front-end: Detailed introduction to the usage of barrage tags (marquee)

Danmaku tag 1. Pay attention to the barrage tag marquee, which is not supported by some browsers now.2. Barrage tags are also called marquees. marquee format and its attributes 1.Basic format as follows: <marquee></marquee> 2. Some attributes 1. direction attribute: Indicates the direction of barrage walking. As shown below, walk left <marquee direction="left">This wave of operat... »

uniapp implements interception before tabbar page jumps

Requirements encountered: After entering the mini program wxlogin request successfully and requesting another interface, a field value will be obtained. Based on this value, it can be judged whether to jump to the second tabaar page and a corresponding prompt will be given. use uni.addInterceptor uni.addInterceptor is generally a method used to intercept APIsspecific »

Ajax Learning Log (5) – How to pass json format request parameters

Getting Started with Ajax (5) 1. How to pass json format request parameters1.1) The Content-Type of json format is: application/json1.2) Use the use method in app.js and create a route1.3) Create a new html file in the public folder1.4) Run in browser 1. How to pass json format request parameters 1.1) The Content-Type of json format is: application/json xhr.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'applic... »

Summary of common css centering methods

Recently, I have done several web projects following online tutorials. During the process, several methods were involved in centering, so I wanted to summarize them. First, to clarify my own ideas, and second, I hope to share them with those who need help. Friends. Don’t say much, just get to the point. There are seven centering methods involved this time, all of which are commonly used. Tab... »

vue day01 template interpolation syntax MVVVM data proxy event processing modifier

Review the new keyword: <script> function Person(name, age){ = name; this.age = age; } const person1 = new Person('Tom', 20); console.log(person1); // Person {name: "Tom", age: 20} // __proto__ attribute, which is unique to objects. You can see that __proto__ attributes are pointed from one object to another object, that is, to their prototype objects (which can also be understood ... »

css relative positioning and absolute positioning

The relative positioning and absolute positioning of css tags are controlled through the position attribute. Relative positioning and absolute positioning do not change the size and shape of the element, but only change the position of the element. 1. The values ​​of the position attribute are as follows:static: Default value, no positioning, elements appear in the normal flow.absolute: Use absolu... »

gateway solves cross-domain problems, and has been solved by personal testing

Cross domain: If the domain name or port is different, it means cross-domainOverview of cross-domain issues: The browser prohibits the sender of the request from making cross-domain ajax requests with the server, so the request is intercepted by the browser.solution: Ajax solves cross-domain problems through cros, that is, before each request, it will ask the target server whether it allows its ow... »

CSS simple image centering

There are many ways to display css in the center of an image, but in many cases some methods are ineffective, which is a headache, such as General settings for image properties ​text-align:center ​ Horizontally centered, but this method is often ineffective. Many front-end engineers have studied or searched for it. CSS image centering method. But in fact, there are many different situations for CS... »

DOM —— Delete node

Delete node:node.removeChild(child) //html code <button>delete</button> <ul> <li>Xiong Da</li> <li>Kumaji</li> <li>Bald Strong</li> </ul> //js code // 1. Get elements var ul = document.querySelector('ul') var btn = document.querySelector('button') // 2. Delete the element node.removeChild(child) // ul.removeChild(ul.children[0]) // 3. Cli... »

Ajax Advanced Chapter 02—Cross-domain and JSONP

PrefaceNo matter how bumpy the road ahead is, as long as you go in the right direction, you are closer to happiness than standing still. Ajax Advanced Chapter 02—Cross-domain and JSONP 1. Ajax Advanced Chapter 02—Cross-domain and JSONP(1) Same origin strategy1.1 What is homology1.2 What is the same-origin policy? (2) Cross-domain2.1 What is cross-domain2.2 Browser interception of cross... »

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