git learning (2) git creation warehouse, basic git operations git clone, git init, git status, git add, git diff, git reset HEAD, git rm file

(1) Create a warehouse with git: (1) Use the current directory as the Git repository, we only need to initialize it. git init #Initialize a git warehouse (2) Use the directory we specified as the Git repository. git init newProject # Use the specified newProject as the git repository After initialization, a directory named .git will appear in the newProject directory. All data and resources requir... »

HTTP status code description

The description of HTTP status code is as follows   Code HTTP Operation Body Contents Description 200 GET,PUT resource Successful operation 201 POST resources,metadata Object created successfully 202 POST,PUT,DELETE,PATCH N/A Request has been accepted 204 DELETE,PUT,PATCH N/A The operation was executed successfully, but no data was returned 301 GET link Resource has been removed 303 GET link Redir... »

When adding dependencies to pom files, an unknown problem occurs [maven]. A complete solution to dependency error reporting in maven projects.

The dependency of the maven project is the prerequisite for development. The author has encountered many errors and walked through them one by one. I hereby summarize the following solutions: 1: The dependent version of the parent project is inconsistent with the version of the sub-project. Spring cloud projects generally have multiple sub-services in the parent project, that is, sub-module module... »

Apache+PHP configuration

Apache+PHP Apache server installation configuration in WindowsDownloadApacheConfigure Apache1. Unzip2. Execute httpd.exe to install the Apache server3. Configure a single project in Apache4. Configure multiple projects in Apache PHP configuration in WindowsDownload PHPApache configure PHP Apache server installation configuration in Windows DownloadApache Apache download address1. Click Download in... »

Infinitus Classification

Infinitus Classification Implementation Method1. Recursive implementation function getCategory($arr,$pid=0,$level=0) { static $cateList = []; foreach($arr as $k=>$v) { if($v['pid'] == $pid) { $cateList[] = $v; unset($arr[$key]);//Delete the sorted data and reduce the number of traversals $cateList['lavel'] = $level; } getCategory($arr,$v['id'],$level+1); } return $list; } $arrData to be travers... »

Liuyi-Centos6.4 compile and install Nginx

Welcome to Liuyi website: Install PCre # download sudo wget # Unzip sudo tar -zxvf pcre-8.38.tar.gz # Enter directory cd pcre-8.38 # Install ./configure make && make install Install zlib # download sudo wget # Unzip sudo tar -zxvf zlib-1.2.11.tar.gz # En... »

Nginx startup error: nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (13: Permission denied)

After the system starts Nginx, the [emerg] bind() to failed (13: Permission denied) error is reported in two ways: 1. When the port is less than 1024 [emerg] bind() to failed (13: Permission denied)The reason is that root permissions are required when starting ports below 1024, so sudo nginx can be used. 2. When the port is greater than 1024: [emerg] bind() to ... »

September 24th

servletTechnologies used to develop dynamic web resources Use this to write a website HelloServlet() Construction method (instantiation) —-》init (initialization) —-》service (specific business)—-》destroy (destroy) Create a new servlet method 1.implements Servlet 2.extends GenericServlet 3.extends HttpServlet get post post form get url get request http 2 types of requests get post ... »

PHP GD library generates image watermarks

* index.php <?php /** * Created by PhpStorm. * User: mingzhanghui * Date: 9/24/2019 * Time: 12:47 */ include "autoload.php"; // avatar picture $dstPath = dirname(__FILE__)."/image/avatar.jpg"; // Flag image $srcPath = dirname(__FILE__)."/image/flag.png"; /** @var $dataDst string image content */ $dataDst = file_get_contents($dstPath); $dataSrc = file_get_contents($srcPath); $dst = imagecreatefr... »

Scan and render video

Scanning pictures to play videos has become quite popular recently. Here is a relatively simple method on the web:1. Put the video to be rendered on the server and obtain the url.2. Fill in the obtained url into Meta. 3. Open TokenVideoSample and change the Token of the developer’s own gallery. As shown in the figure below, click Copy, Replace the obtained Tokan with the original Token of To... »

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