[Linux] Use of basic development tools in Linux environment – yum | vim | gcc & g++ | gdb | make & makefile | progress bar | git

Use of basic development tools in Linux environment 1. Linux package manager yum1.1 What is a software package1.2 Three steps for software installation1.2.1 View software packages1.2.2 Install software1.2.3 Uninstall software 2. vim2.1 Basic concepts of vim2.2 vim command mode instruction set2.2.1 Move the cursor2.2.2 Text operations 2.3 vim bottom line mode instruction set2.4 Simple vim configura... »

[Linux] Common instructions (2)

Table of contents command (important) 2.cp command (important) command (important) command 5.more command 6.less directive (important) command (important) Linux commands have many parameters, and it is impossible for us to remember them all. We can get help by checking the online manual. The command to access the Linux man page is man grammar:man [options] command Common opt... »

Linux system-process concept

Linux process concept Zero, Preface1. Von Neumann architecture2. Operating system3. Process1. Describe the process-PCB2. Check the process3. Get the process identifier4. Create a process-fork()5. Process status6. Zombie process7. Orphan process8. Process priority9. Environment variables1) Test PATH2) Test HOME3) How to obtain environment variables4) Command line variables Zero, Preface This chapte... »

7 tools that can replace the top command

Author:JackTianSource: Public account “Jackie’s IT Journey” ID:Jake_InternetPlease contact for authorization for reprinting (WeChat ID: Hc220088)Original address:7 tools that can replace the top command! (two) Hello everyone, my name is Brother Jie. In the previous article, I introduced to you “11 tools that can replace the top command!》, today I will recommend to you 7 too... »

Thoroughly understand permissions in Linux [detailed explanation]

Permissions are everywhere. In life, games have anti-addiction rules for minors, non-VIP users of Tencent cannot watch VIP videos, etc. Therefore, permissions are restricted by people and decide whether a specific person is allowed to do something. Permissions are everywhere in Linux. Permissions are required to access files, permissions are required to enter directories, and permissions are requi... »

Detailed explanation of Linux—Signals (capturing signals, saving signals, processing signals, conversion between user mode and kernel mode)

Article directory 1. Understanding signals1.1 Before signal generation1.2 When the signal is generated1.3 Processing signals 2. Types of signals3. Capture the signal3.1 signal function3.2 sigaction function 4. How signals are generated5. Save signal5.1 The structure of signals in the kernel5.2 Signal set operation function 6. Process signals6.1 Timing of signal processing6.1.1 User mode and kernel... »

Why is it the most popular Linux? Ubuntu ranks sixth.

author:Linux monkey Introduction:Blog expert, C/C++, interviews, quizzes, algorithms, feel free to consult me, follow me, and private message if you have any questions! Follow the column:Linux(High-quality and good articles are continuously updated…) 🏆 High-quality column recommendations 🏆 The road to becoming a god in data structures and algorithms [Intensive Lecture] Essential algorithms f... »

MySQL database operations such as addition, deletion, query, modification, cloning, and foreign keys

Table of contents SQL field data typeView database information statementSQL statementCreate and delete database tablesAdd, delete, and query records to the tableModify the table name, add, modify, delete fields, and add unique constraintsView, delete, and add indexes in the tableExtended functions, field value auto-increment, etc. Advanced operations on data tablesClone the table and generate the ... »

That’s enough about Git.

Table of contents Preface development process The difference between centralized and distributed Install Git on Debian/Linux Configure the git environment: git config –global Create a local empty repository: git init Add new files to the local warehouse: git add, git commit -m Rewrite the commit: git commit –amend View historical commit logs: git log Roll back the code repository: git ... »

Linux Common Environment Configuration Operation Manual

Install VMware Key: CG392-4PX5J-H816Z-HYZNG-PQRG2 UY758-0RXEQ-M81WP-8ZM7Z-Y3HDA Import CentOS 7 1. Unzip CentOS 2. Open the VM and import CentOS.vmx Set the network to NAT mode. 3. Virtual machine settings 4. To modify the network settings in the virtual network editor, you must modify it as an administrator. Select NAT mode. 5. Start the virtual machine If an error is reported Intel VT-x is disab... »

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