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Based on python and deep learning (speech recognition, NLP) to implement local offline intelligent voice control terminal (with chat function and home control function)

First, let’s take a look at what functions a good intelligent control terminal requires: 1. Be available at any time and sleep when not needed, saving power and worry. 2. Must be able to listen and understand people’s needs 3. Be able to control smart homes to meet people’s needs 4. You also need to be able to speak and better communicate and interact with people. 5. Must be able to chat and commu... »

Basic tutorial for getting started with Django. (1. Overview and installation of Django)

Table of contents 1. Overview of Django1.Introduction to Django2.Django’s MTV 2. Django installation 1. Overview of Django 1.Introduction to Django If you read this article, you must be learning the back-end of website development, or want to learn the back-end development of a website, and choose the Django framework as the back-end of the website.That’s right, Django is a network framework... »

How to understand Python classes and functions?

What is a class? What is a function? What is a module and what is a library? There are many categories in the world, so where do categories come from? In fact, classes are what people come up with on their is abstract, people get some regular conclusions by observing many examples, Treat these conclusions as having the same characteristics and group them into one category. Why do we say tha... »

Junit unit testing

Junit 1 What is Junit JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. JUnit has made a very important development in test-driven development. It is one of the unit testing frameworks collectively called xUnit that originated from JUnit. 2 Unit testing concepts Unit: In Java, a class is a unitUnit test: A small piece of code written by a programmer to perform functional testing... »

Multi-threaded learning

Multi-threaded learning 1. Concept Program·Process·Thread A process refers to the execution process of a program. A process has multiple threads. That is, a task can be understood as a thread, and a thread is the unit of CPU debugging and execution. 2.Preliminary preparation Configure the commons io toolkit, which provides a large number of file-related classes Search commons io on Baidu and choos... »

About unit testing of JAVA backend

1. Core principles of unit testing Automation: Unit tests should be fully automated and non-interactive. Use assertions to verify results.Independence: Keep unit tests independent. In order to ensure that unit tests are stable, reliable and easy to maintain, unit test cases must not call each other, nor can they rely on the order of execution. Single testing is not responsible for checking cross-c... »

A month after my fellow programmer worked overtime, I resigned.

A while ago, my friend Awen successfully changed jobs and treated a few of our friends to a big meal to celebrate that he finally got rid of overtime work. But in fact, Awen has always been a very active and responsible person. His position was not easy to begin with, and overtime work was common in the company he worked for before, but he never complained. It is really surprising that such a pers... »

Introduction to FLET: Building Flutter Apps with Python

Did you know you can build flutter apps using Python? Flutter is very popular in the field of software development. This year let us take a deep dive into the world of building flutter applications with Python! About FLET Dream Eraser Before starting to study, let’s understand what FLET is? FLET allows developers to easily build real-time web, mobile and desktop applications through Python. What’s... »

Django GET HTTP 8000 / static/dist/js/flexible js net: : ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

at startupdjangoAfter the framework is running, I perform thehttp:// the address, but found that the page is messy. I right-clicked “Inspect” to open the browser source code,In the console, it was found that the css and js files referencing the link in the html file failed to load.,Why is this? Error reported: GET »

springboot uses redis

springboot uses redis redis-service.exe: server, do not close after startingredis-cli.exe: client, access data in redisredisclient-win32.x86_64.2.0.jar: redis graphical interface client, the execution method is to execute in the directory of this file java -jar redisclient-win32.x86_64.2.0.jar Or click in the directory of this jar package to execute it directly. Click server, click add, and set th... »

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