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[uni-app] Recommendation & introduction of third-party UI components

ui component recommendation 1. Muse-UI Muse UI is a set of Material Design style open source component libraries designed to quickly build pages. It is developed based on Vue 2.0 and provides custom themes to fully meet customizable needs.material-design-icons is a set of icons defined by Googletypeface is a set of fonts defined by Google 2. Vant Weapp Vant is a lightweight, reliable mobile compon... »

You can learn the Vue slot as soon as you learn it. Do you really want to take a look at it? (use scaffolding)

Table of contents I. Introduction Please pay attention to the complete content: Before you start: 2. Basic use of slot slots Subassembly: Parent component: Display of results: 3. Basic use of domain name slots Subassembly: Parent component: Show results: Notice: 4. How to obtain content from subcomponents through slots Subassembly parent component Show results: 5. Scope slot case Subassembly paren... »

uniapp – share on WeChat on ios and android, download by opening appStore and app store

The premise is that the iOS and Android versions of the app have been put on the AppStore and App Store. Open the official website of Yongyingbao App Market Search the app name in the search box to find the app and click to enter The link of the current page is the link that will be shared later through WeChat to jump to the App Store to download... »

Front-end: Detailed introduction to the usage of barrage tags (marquee)

Danmaku tag 1. Pay attention to the barrage tag marquee, which is not supported by some browsers now.2. Barrage tags are also called marquees. marquee format and its attributes 1.Basic format as follows: <marquee></marquee> 2. Some attributes 1. direction attribute: Indicates the direction of barrage walking. As shown below, walk left <marquee direction="left">This wave of operat... »

uniapp implements interception before tabbar page jumps

Requirements encountered: After entering the mini program wxlogin request successfully and requesting another interface, a field value will be obtained. Based on this value, it can be judged whether to jump to the second tabaar page and a corresponding prompt will be given. use uni.addInterceptor uni.addInterceptor is generally a method used to intercept APIsspecific »

[H5 WeChat Authorization] Simple implementation of H5 page WeChat authorization function, WeChat developer tool reports system error, error code -1, undefined solution [Details]

Preface Recently I wrote about the H5 public account, which requires WeChat authorization.Here is a record of the authorization process and pitfalls encountered. picture After the authorization code is executed, it will jump to the authorized place. If there is no authorization, the authorization will be confirmed. If the authorization is passed, it will automatically log in directly and then jump... »

Summary of common css centering methods

Recently, I have done several web projects following online tutorials. During the process, several methods were involved in centering, so I wanted to summarize them. First, to clarify my own ideas, and second, I hope to share them with those who need help. Friends. Don’t say much, just get to the point. There are seven centering methods involved this time, all of which are commonly used. Tab... »

Teach you step by step how to install VSCode (with illustrated steps)

1. Front-end tool vscode 1.1. Overview Front-end development is the process of creating front-end interfaces such as Web pages or apps to present to users. It uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various derived technologies, frameworks, and solutions to realize user interface interaction of Internet products [1]. It evolved from web page production, and its name has obvious characteristics of the time... »

css relative positioning and absolute positioning

The relative positioning and absolute positioning of css tags are controlled through the position attribute. Relative positioning and absolute positioning do not change the size and shape of the element, but only change the position of the element. 1. The values ​​of the position attribute are as follows:static: Default value, no positioning, elements appear in the normal flow.absolute: Use absolu... »

Solve vue multi-level routing cache failure Solve the multi-level routing cache problem based on keep-alive vue keep-alive cache failure vue-element-admin multi-level routing cache failure

The routing menu exceeds the third level cache and is invalid. usedvue-element-adminMy friends must know very well that the configuration of routing is directly related to the display of the sidebar navigation menu. Thanks to this design idea, almost most background frameworks adopt this solution. However, there is an obvious problem with this solution. In order to implement a multi-level sidebar ... »

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