iQiyi user retention forecast

User behavior sequence modeling iQiyi user behavior sequence modeling Article directory User behavior sequence modelingPreface1. Competition background2. Feature extraction1. User behavior sequence feature extraction2. User attribute feature extraction 3. Modeling4. Summary Preface The user retention prediction competition organized by iQiyi predicts how many days users will log into the app in th... »

How to understand Python classes and functions?

What is a class? What is a function? What is a module and what is a library? There are many categories in the world, so where do categories come from? In fact, classes are what people come up with on their is abstract, people get some regular conclusions by observing many examples, Treat these conclusions as having the same characteristics and group them into one category. Why do we say tha... »

python one-way circular linked list

I am a newbie, hoping to take notes to record what I have learned, and I hope it can help people who are also beginners. I also hope that the big guys can help correct mistakes~Infringement will be deleted immediately. Table of contents 1. One-way circular linked list 2. Create node object 3. Initial definition of linked list object 4. Determine whether the linked list is empty 5. Get the length o... »

Python implements Young’s matrix search algorithm

Young’s matrix: Young’s matrix is ​​a useful tool for combinatorial representation theory and Schubert’s calculus. It provides a convenient way to describe group representations of symmetry and general linear groups and to study their properties. There is a two-dimensional array.Each row of the array is increasing from left to right, and each column is increasing from top to bott... »

Pandas merge csv files

Scenes: It is troublesome to deliver multiple csv files in the project. Use pands.merge to merge them into one csv file. Code: code show as below #-*-coding:utf-8-*- import pandas as pd import numpy as np #Read csv file a = pd.read_table("a.csv",sep="\s+") b = pd.read_table("b.csv",sep='\s+') c = pd.read_table('c.csv',sep='\s+') d = pd.read_table("d.csv",sep='\s+') e = pd.read_table("e.csv",sep='\... »

LeetCode 884 Uncommon words in two sentences [String] HERODING’s road to LeetCode

Problem-solving ideas:A better idea to understand is to splice two strings together, and then return the words whose number is 1, which involves string segmentation, so python will be more convenient to use. The code is as follows: class Solution(object): def uncommonFromSentences(self, s1, s2): """ :type s1: str :type s2: str :rtype: List[str] """ C = s1.split(' ') + s2.split(' ') return [i for i... »

How to calculate personal income tax on year-end bonus in 2022, see how much more you gain

Year-end bonus personal tax calculation def nzjgs(n): """ :type n: float total year-end bonus float year-end bonus tax amount """ tmp = n/12 if tmp <= 3000: return n * 0.03 if 3000 < tmp <= 12000: return n * 0.1 - 210 if 12000 < tmp <= 25000: return n * 0.2 - 1410 if 25000 < tmp <= 35000: return n * 0.25 - 2660 if 35000 < tmp <= 55000: return n * 0.3 - 4410 if 55000 <... »

View the startup command of the Docker container through runlike

1. Install pip yum install -y python-pip 2. Install runlike pip install runlike 3. Use runlike to view the nginx startup command runlike -p nginx Note: The above content is only for reference and communication. Please do not use it for commercial purposes. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it! »

Attention mechanism (including pytorch code and detailed explanation of each function)

Table of contents attention mechanismOverview of non-parametric attention pooling (no learning parameters required)Overview of Parametric Attention MechanismFormal systematic learning1. Average aggregation (pooling)2. Non-parametric attention pooling (pooling)3. Attention gathering with parameters attention mechanism Non-random clues: no need to have an idea, something you can see at a glance Rand... »

FBNetV5 – an efficient NAS method for multi-tasking

Paper address: Preface Network structure search (NAS: Neural Architecture Search),There are two main motivations: Design a model structure with the best compromise between accuracy and speed for specific tasks and deployment platforms;Realize the automation of structural design or search, reduce labor costs and computing resource overhead, and improve production eff... »

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