Speech Recognition

Fourier transform of scipy

Introduction aboutFourier transformI think everyone should be familiar with it, right? existsignal processingas well asadvanced mathematicsIt is everywhere, and the most said thing about it isTransform signals in time and frequency domains, maybe everyone seems to understand this sentence but not quite. Through this article, you will be able to learn the following points: What is the Fourier trans... »

[Learning Java from scratch]—Three uses of this keyword + Three characteristics of Java inheritance (21)

[Learning Java from scratch]—Three uses of this keyword + three characteristics of Java inheritance (21) 1. Three uses of this keyword In the member method of this class, access the member variables of this classIn a member method of this class, access another member method of this classIn the constructor of this class, access another constructor of this class 2. Three characteristics of Java inhe... »

JQ8400 voice module-stm32f103c8t6 (full code included)-valid for personal testing

1. Module introduction1. There are two common JQ8400-FL voice modules. One is with a 3W power amplifier and has 4M of storage space. It can copy sound files through USB and control it through the serial port of a microcontroller; the other is with an SD card slot and uses SD The file (MP3 format) stored in the card is used for voice broadcast, which is also controlled through the serial port of th... »

Audio processing – detailed explanation of G711 standard

Table of contents G711 IntroductionG711AAlgorithm principleCompression methodExamplecode G711UAlgorithm principleCompression methodExamplecode Comparison between G711A and G711U Reference link G711 Introduction G711 is a set of voice compression standards customized by the International Telecommunications Union ITU-T. It represents the logarithmic PCM (logarithmic pulse-code modulation) sampling s... »

Audio noise detection solution based on webrtc

1 Introduction The operation and maintenance platform with on-site projects needs to be able to detect the recording effect of the recording equipment. The detection content includes recording quality detection and noise detection. The recording quality detection is to compare the recorded audio with the original audio and comprehensively evaluate the recorded audio and the original audio data. Th... »

SpringBoot uses Alibaba Cloud voice interaction (voice IVR) example

Alibaba Cloud Voice Interaction (Voice IVR) Official website tutorial https://img-blog.csdnimg.cn/6dd6a8afe933405cb83da027a32737ae.png”> It is recommended to read the official website tutorial first. Every step above will be used below. Things you need to prepare include: 1. Use AK&SK to initialize the account Client. The prerequisite is to activate the service 2. Purchase a number (f... »

Audio special effects generation and algorithm 1

14|Three Musketeers of Sound Effects: Pitch Shift, Equalizer, Reverb Can the voice changer in “Detective Conan” be realized in reality? Millions of tuners can make the singing of people who originally sang out of tune sound better. What magical method is used? The sound effects in audio introduced now are a series of audio processing algorithms designed to achieve special effects such ... »

Installing ESPNET on Ubuntu (took more than a month)

Espnet is the most annoying piece of software I have ever installed! There is so much involved! Please refer to the previous installation preparation content.espnet official installation documentation 1.Environment preparation Select the corresponding version of the driver, cuda, anaconda3, pytorch, cudnn and install it. Note that the versions must be aligned! ! ! This is an important point! ! ! F... »

Speech recognition implementation based on Baidu short speech API

Speech recognition implementation based on Baidu short speech API I. Introduction2. API introduction2.1 Introduction2.2 API calling process 3. Execute code4. Summary I. Introduction Speech recognition is an interdisciplinary subject. In the past two decades, speech recognition technology has made significant progress and has begun to move from the laboratory to the market. It is expected that in t... »

Spectral subtraction for speech enhancement

Spectral subtraction for speech enhancement Spectral subtraction for speech enhancementPrinciple introductionDisadvantages and improvementsCodeSimulation resultsreferences Principle introduction Spectral Subtraction is one of the earliest speech enhancement algorithms. It has been widely used due to its simple implementation and good real-time performance. It assumes that speech and noise are addi... »

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