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[High-speed bus] Introduction to JESD204B

1. Introduction JESD204 is a high-speed serial interface connecting data converters (ADCs and DACs) and logic devices, supporting serial data rates up to 12.5 Gbps and ensuring repeatable deterministic latency for JESD204 links. As high-speed ADCs enter the GSPS range, the preferred interface protocol for data transfer to FPGAs (custom ASICs) is JESD204B. The JESD204B standard is a layered specifi... »

How to import Lichuang component packaging library into AD for use

How to import Lichuang component packaging into AD for use? 1. Download schematic packaging and PCB packaging from Lichuang1. Enter Lichuang to search for capacitors2. Download PCB package3. Download the schematic package (same as above)4. Download completed 2. Export the downloaded file as a LIB file in AD1. Generate PCB library. Double-click to enter the downloaded PCB file, Design>>Genera... »

How to use the esp8266 module (detailed explanation) essential for getting started

1.Structure of esp01 2.Use of wifi This time we useESP-01S, in the design, in addition to ESP01S, there is also ESP-01. The main difference between the two is,connection part of circuit, ESP-01S has a pull-up resistor internally, so in actual use,The enable terminal of EN does not need to be connected.Generally, you only need to connect 4 wires (VCC Ground tx RE).andWhen ESP-01 is in use, it requi... »

The relationship and difference between latches, D flip-flops and registers

The relationship and difference between latches, D flip-flops and registers Article directory The relationship and difference between latches, D flip-flops and registersPreface1. Latch and D flip-flop2. Latch construction D flip-flop3. What is a register?4. Summary5. Reference materials Preface In digital IC design, latches, D flip-flops and registers often appear. Many people (such as me) are con... »

Design of electronic scale based on 51 microcontroller

Summary Electronic scales are modern new weighing instruments that integrate detection and conversion technology, computer technology, information processing, digital technology and other technologies. It is closely integrated with our daily life.Electronic scales mainly use a single-chip microcomputer as the central control unit, which uses a load cell to perform an analog-to-digital conversion u... »

About AD20 PCB circuit diagram printing settings

1. Open the PCB circuit diagram that needs to be printed. 2. Select the Mechanical 1 layer at this time. 3. Find the placement option and fill function in the upper toolbar. 4. Fill in all the PCB circuit diagrams 5. Click the print preview function in the file option on the toolbar 6. Right-click the mouse to enter the page configuration function 7. Select the scaling mode Scaled Print and the sc... »

How to calculate PCB trace resistance

I encountered an ARM board before. When it was powered on and running, there would be an ECC Error exception, resulting in the failure to operate normally. Since the initial probability of the problem occurring was not high, it did not receive attention and was only recorded in Redmine. However, when more than 20% of the boards in a new batch failed to operate normally, the problem that had plague... »

TI millimeter wave cascade radar evaluation boards MMWCAS-DSP-EVM and MMWCAS-RF-EVM

1 Introduction This article is mainly about some experience in using TI’s MMWCAS-DSP-EVM and MMWCAS-RF-EVM evaluation boards and a summary of the learning of millimeter wave radar. 2. Related principles Millimeter wave (mmWave) is a special type of radar technology that uses short-wavelength electromagnetic waves. By capturing the reflected signals, radar systems can determine the distance, ... »

[One article to explain] BLDC’s six-step method & PMSM’s FOC method synthesis

Check n^2 information from all parties, conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive review of BLDC&PMSM, check, compare and sort out a large number of online tutorials, manuals from major manufacturers, and open source solutions, and form a comprehensive introduction of principles and solutions here. The open source part of my related projectsiBLDC project repository, including a detailed introd... »

AM signal envelope detector based on Multisim

Envelope detection of AM signals Simulation of AM signal modulation and demodulationExperimental principleDescription of working principle(1) Schematic diagram(2) Simulation diagram Result analysisMatlab simulation Design of Diode Envelope DetectorChoice of design solutionscircuit design(1) Circuit diagram(2) Circuit working principle Circuit performance testing Simulation of AM signal modulation ... »

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