The Docker container is started successfully but the browser cannot be accessed (after the Docker container is started, check docker ps -a and you cannot see the ports (the ports column is empty) | The linux kernel version and the docker version are not compatible)

Scenario: The Docker container starts successfully but the browser cannot access it I am new to learning the basic operations of Docker containers. I pulled the tomcat image and entered the run container command to run a series of container operations without any problems. However, I cannot access the port when I access it through the browser. [root@localhost ~]# docker run -d -p 8081:8080 --name ... »

Use the jenkins pipeline to complete automatic deployment of services to K8s

illustrate Through this article, you can easily get started with the cicd process. The local test environment is the springboot microservice project. The user submits the code to gitlab, triggers Jenkins to pull the code on gitllab, then completes the compilation and builds it into a jar package, and simultaneously completes the sonarsqube code quality inspection. Then generate the image inside Je... »

[Cloud native | Docker] Docker image (image) and service

Article directory Docker image operationFind an imageMirror listGet imageDelete imagesave image Docker service related commands Docker image operation Image is one of the three major components of Docker.Docker needs the corresponding image to exist locally before running the container. If it does not exist locally, Docker will download it from the image warehouse.Let’s mainly understand the docke... »

1. Docker’s springboot+docker swam realizes load balancing

First prepare three machines, here choose 216, 248, 249 Select one of the machines as the master node and as the Manager. Select 216 here. 1. Initialize the swam cluster on 216 and execute it in the terminal docker swarm init --advertise-addr After execution, the token will be returned in the terminal. The token here needs to be recorded: docker swarm join --token SWMTKN-1-2u0oa7fp... »

Docker, which has 54k stars on Github, what exactly is it?

Many developers should know about Docker. Even if they have never used it, they should have heard about it. This open source tool became popular once it came out in 2013 and is very popular in microservices, project migration, cloud, etc. Now its github project has reached 54k stars. What exactly is Docker? What are its advantages that make it so popular? How to use it? This article will elaborate... »

Docker learning: start the container and mount the directory

Docker learning: start the container and mount the directory IntroductionApplicable sceneGrammar instructionsSingle directory mountMultiple directory mountingRead-only directory mount Usage exampleotherThe mounted local directory does not have execution permissions in the container References Introduction Introduction When creating a container, map the host directory to the directory in the contai... »

Install docker on Mac (easy installation solution)

1. What is docker? 1. Three basic concepts of Docker: Image(mirror)Container(container)Repository The idea of ​​Docker comes from containers. What problems do containers solve?On a large ship, cargo can be arranged neatly. And all kinds of goods are standardized by containers, and containers will not affect each other. Then I don’t need a ship specifically for carrying fruits and a ship specifical... »

Ethereum 2.0 client Prysm builds and runs node records

Preface Main reference documents:Prysm official documentationSystem situation: Ubuntu 18.04 and has been replaced by Alibaba sourceConfiguration requirements: 1. What is Prysm? Prysm is an implementation of the Ethereum proof-of-stake consensus specification. Using Prysm to run a node and stake ETH can be divided into the following three steps: Use the execution layer client to configure the execu... »

Developers, what exactly are Docker images, containers and repositories?

Keywords: docker | mirror | container | warehouse I. Introduction Developer, learn from this articleDocker images, containers, warehousesIf you understand these three concepts, you will understand the entire life cycle of Docker and lay a solid foundation for subsequent learning. Table of contents I. Introduction2. Image3. Container4. Warehouse (Repository)4.1、Docker Hub4.2. Private warehouse 5. W... »

Mobaihe CM311-1a does not require disassembly, flash firmware and + brush armbian to install docker and run Qinglong panel

Prepare a machine. If you buy it on Pinduoduo and flash the TV system, skip this step.   Flashing tutorial:The machine must be rooted 1. Copy all the files to the USB flash drive, install the USB flash drive, turn on the computer and press the left button repeatedly. When the flashing progress bar appears, turn off the computer, and then quickly turn on the computer again. As shown in the picture ... »

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