Load Balancing

nginx common configuration templates

nginx common configuration templates 1. Forward proxy # Forward proxy to baidu service location = /baidu.html { proxy_pass http://www.baidu.com; } The concept of forward proxy:Forward proxy means adding a proxy server between the client and the target server. The client directly accesses the proxy server, and then the proxy server accesses the target server and returns to the client. During this p... »

Detailed explanation of HAProxy restart mechanism

Table of contents How haproxy stops the process 1. Hard stop 2. Soft stop Process analysis of haproxy stopping process haproxy restart mechanism 1. A fatal error occurred 2. Failed to bind port 3. Correctly bind the port Analysis of possible connection failures during reload 1. The new process cannot bind to the port that the old process has bound. 2. When the old process closes the listening port... »

Ruoyi microservice Spring Cloud version—implementing service invocation and load balancing based on nacos+Feign

Table of contents A general microservice calling code is as follows, there are several problems Two solutions – service governance Introduction and use of three nacos 4. Use Feign to achieve load balancing 5. Ruoyi Platform—Call other microservices based on Feign A general microservice calling code is as follows, there are several problems Product product=restTemplate.getForObject("http://lo... »

“DNS” and “CDN”

“DNS” and “CDN” DNS1. Recursive query:a. Recursive-iterative query b. Recursive-recursive query 2. Iterative querylocal server CDN1. What is CDN2. Principle analysisLoad balancing systemcaching proxy 3. Summary reference DNS The DNS (Domain Name System) server will first perform domain name mapping; a. Browser DNS cache; b. Computer local DNS cache; c. Router NDS cache; d. ... »

Seven load balancing strategies in SpringCloud Ribbon

There are usually two ways to implement load balancers, one is a server-side load balancer, and the other is a client-side load balancer, and our protagonist Ribbon today belongs to the latter – a client-side load balancer. The problem with the server-side load balancer is that it provides stronger traffic control, but it cannot meet the needs of different consumers who want to use different... »

Project practice, nginx service reverse proxy configuration instructions

This article introduces the configuration of the nginx service used as a reverse proxy in my work process, and provides relevant instructions and analysis for many configurations. The important information is filtered and can be used for your reference. Many configurations are for reference only and are not intended for use in actual production environments! ! ! The configuration file is nginx.con... »

Practical deployment of ingress-controller in k8s and issues with path prefix configuration

ingress and ingress-controller I won’t go into details about ingress and ingress-controller. This article only writes about the practical aspects. docker image preparation Mirror download docker pull registry.cn-beijing.aliyuncs.com/google_registry/nginx-ingress-controller:0.30.0 If you have a private warehouse, you can rename the push to the private warehouse. Deploy ingress-controller pod and re... »

Nginx uses reverse proxy to implement wss forwarding

A lot of information on the Internet says this, #Configure websocket protocol wss location /wss { proxy_pass http port; #If your server IP is and the port is 7123, #Set http 7213 here, or you can use http 7123 directly proxy_http_version 1.1; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection "Upgrade"; } However, the test ended in failure N times. I then added a place and... »

Teach you dubbo custom load balancing strategy from scratch

Preface: The official website document has an important chapterSPI, establish a good reading and pave the way for this article 1. Set up the project, the structure is as follows: Dubco-learn – > Parent pom dubbo-api —> Service providers and consumers jointly rely on the interface api dubbo-provide1,2,3 —> 3 service providers respectively dubbo-consumer —> service consumer 1.1) du... »

XxlJob (2) Detailed explanation of load balancing usage and implementation principles

Table of contents 1. Configure an application executor 2. Simulate load balancing on the same machine 1. Environment preparation 2. Trigger the task and select the polling strategy 3. Dynamic scaling of machine instances 3. Analysis of Load Balancing Principles 1. Find the address list based on the application name ​2. ExecutorRouteStrategyEnum 3. ExecutorRouteRound Calculate server address 4. Sum... »

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