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uniapp implements interception before tabbar page jumps

Requirements encountered: After entering the mini program wxlogin request successfully and requesting another interface, a field value will be obtained. Based on this value, it can be judged whether to jump to the second tabaar page and a corresponding prompt will be given. use uni.addInterceptor uni.addInterceptor is generally a method used to intercept APIsspecific »

vue day01 template interpolation syntax MVVVM data proxy event processing modifier

Review the new keyword: <script> function Person(name, age){ = name; this.age = age; } const person1 = new Person('Tom', 20); console.log(person1); // Person {name: "Tom", age: 20} // __proto__ attribute, which is unique to objects. You can see that __proto__ attributes are pointed from one object to another object, that is, to their prototype objects (which can also be understood ... »

DOM —— Delete node

Delete node:node.removeChild(child) //html code <button>delete</button> <ul> <li>Xiong Da</li> <li>Kumaji</li> <li>Bald Strong</li> </ul> //js code // 1. Get elements var ul = document.querySelector('ul') var btn = document.querySelector('button') // 2. Delete the element node.removeChild(child) // ul.removeChild(ul.children[0]) // 3. Cli... »

When npm installs software globally, the node_global and node_cache files report insufficient permissions in the Windows system environment.

C:\Users\qiao>npm install -g cnpm --registry= npm ERR! code EPERM npm ERR! syscall mkdir npm ERR! path E:\nodejs\node_cache\_cacache npm ERR! errno EPERM npm ERR! FetchError: Invalid response body while trying to fetch EPERM: operation not permitted, mkdir 'E:\nodejs\node_cache\_cacache' npm ERR! at E:\nodejs\node_modules\npm\... »

Introduction and use of Normalize.css

PrefaceNo matter how hard it is now, we must be dancers of life Introduction and use of Normalize.css 1. Introduction and use of Normalize.css(1) What is Normalize(2)Normalize vs Reset(3) How to use normalize.css(4) normalize.css Chinese version (key) 2. Conclusion 1. Introduction and use of Normalize.css (1) What is Normalize Normalize.css is just a small CSS file, but it provides a high degree o... »

<a-select/>Perform fuzzy query on the acquired data

HTML: <a-col :span="5">         <label class="label-title">Links:</label>         <a-select style="width: 80%;"          placeholder="Please select a link"           class="select-option"           :allowClear="allowClear"           :showSearch="showSearch"            option-filter-prop="children"           :filter-option="filterOption"           :maxTagCount="1" @change="hand... »

Front-end encapsulation of deep copy functions

function deepClone(obj) { if (typeof obj === 'object') { let result = Array.isArray(obj) ? [] : {} for (let key in obj) { result[key] = deepClone(obj[key]) } return result } else { return obj } } Test deep copy const obj = [ { name: 'Kobe', number: 24 }, { name: 'Curry', number: 30 } ] const obj1 = deepClone(obj) obj1[0].name = 'James' obj1[0].number = 23 console.log(obj) console.log(obj1)  Test s... »

A cookie encryption that looks like a certain number (js reverse engineering)

Website: aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuanZpYy5lZHUuY24vemJiLzcwOS9saXN0OC5odG0= Foreword: This is a site that is very similar to a certain number’s anti-crawling site. The same 412 and then 200, the same cookie encryption, and even some of the algorithms are exactly the same. Of course, this difficulty is much lower than that of a certain number. 1. Hook cookie to determine encryption location Here I am u... »

jquery handwritten breadcrumb progress bar (three states: completed/in progress/to be completed)

The small logo can be changed. I found three types in, but they are not very suitable. They are only used for blogging. The UI will be shown in the project Code: <! -- The target location is covered with breadcrumbs. If jquery fails, go to bootcdn and find one --> <div class="nav-wrap"></div> <script src=""&g... »

Understand the directory structure of the vue3.0 project

Previous noteCreate a new vue3.0 project After creating a new project, open it with vscode and you will see the project directory, as shown below Let’s take a look at what’s included in our new project node_modulesProject dependent modules loaded by npmpublicUsed to store static resources and will not be compressed or merged.src The main development content is in this folder, including the followi... »

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