Windows kernel driver development (WDK environment construction)

Go to the official website to download the WDK installation package and Visual StudioDownload the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs First install Visual Studio. I don’t need to explain how to install it. Directly download the SDK and WDK in steps 2 and 3 below. SDK download address WDK download address Note that the downloaded SDK and WDK versions need to be consist... »

Introduction to device drivers

The following content is derived from Zhu Youpeng’s study and organization of embedded courses. If there is any infringement, please inform us to delete it. 1. The concept of drive Device Driver, referred to as Driver, Driver,Refers to the code in the operating system used to control the hardware. The driver is the interface between the hardware and the operating system. Only through this in... »

Summary of IIC communication protocol (detailed description of the complete process)

Introduction to IIC protocol The IIC (inter-integrated Circuit integrated circuit bus) bus supports short-distance communication between devices and is used for the interface between the processor and some peripheral devices. It requires two signal lines to complete the exchange of information. A special process advantage of IIC is that the microcontroller only requires two general-purpose I/O pin... »

Use the make tool to compile all .c in any directory and link & specify the output directory

How to write a Makefile to compile all .c files in this directory First, let’s look at how to write a makefile to compile and link .c in this folder: __build: main src := $(wildcard *.c) obj := $(src:.c=.o) main: $(obj) $(CC) $^ -o $@ $(obj): %.o: %.c $(CC) -c $< -o $@ .PHONY: clean clean: rm -f *.o main In this makefile, the variable src is all .c files in the current directory, obj is all .o ... »

Shenzhou Loongson GSC3290 adapted to Yutai YT8521S operating instructions

1. Introduction to the environment 1. Main control chip GSC3290 is an industrial-grade SoC chip designed by Beijing Shenzhou Loongson Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd. based on the independent intellectual property Loongson 32-bit processor core. The chip adopts advanced CMOS technology, has a main frequency of 300MHz, and integrates a wealth of functional modules and peripherals on the chip.GSC... »

Operating system – device management

Article directory 1.Device Management Overview1.1 Equipment classification1.1.1 Classification by transmission rate1.1.2 Classification by unit of information exchange1.1.13 Classification by resource allocation perspective 1.2 Device Controller1.3 Objectives and functions of device management1.3.1 Objectives of device management1.3.2 Device management function 2.I/O control method2.1 Program I/O ... »

Debugfs for linux driver debugging

Theme of this issue:Debugfs for linux driver debugging Past links: Concurrency in linux device driversCompilation out-of-order and execution out-of-order in Linux device driversLinux device driver kernel modulelinux character driverioctl part of linux character driverRead and write parts of linux character driver Debugfs for linux driver debugging 1.What is Debugfs?2. How to use debugfs1.debugfs_c... »


1 Overview V4L2 is a set of video frameworks specially designed for Linux devices. Its main framework is in the Linux kernel and can be understood as the video source capture driver framework on the entire Linux system.The camera driver layer is located between the HAL Module and the hardware layer. With the help of the Linux kernel driver framework, the interface is exposed to the user space in t... »

Detailed explanation of insmod command to load driver

1. Introduction to insmod command (1) The insmod command is one of the commands supported by busybox, and the source code of the insmod command is also in busybox;(2) The insmod command is a commonly used command to load a driver. Usage: insmod xxx.ko [xxx]; xxx.ko represents the name of the driver file to be loaded, and [xxx] represents the parameters passed to the driver; 2. Source code analysis... »

Server, Linux, centos7 successfully installed graphics card driver (super detailed)

In some cases, we may encounter the need to reinstall the server graphics driver. For example, after reinstalling the operating system, a graphics driver needs to be installed, an old graphics driver needs to be upgraded, a graphics driver needs to be replaced, etc. If you need to reinstall the server operating system, please click here: Reinstall the centos7 system on the serverhttps://blog.csdn.... »

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