Summary of IIC communication protocol (detailed description of the complete process)

Introduction to IIC protocol The IIC (inter-integrated Circuit integrated circuit bus) bus supports short-distance communication between devices and is used for the interface between the processor and some peripheral devices. It requires two signal lines to complete the exchange of information. A special process advantage of IIC is that the microcontroller only requires two general-purpose I/O pin... »

Teach you step by step how to transplant openharmony3.0 to stm32 (liteos_m)

stm32 series chip transplantation openhrmony3.0 liteos_m I have found many articles before, but since there are few articles in this area and the official website documents are too concise, the transplantation process is relatively cumbersome, so I will record it here. Attached is the final template address // 1. Create stm32cubemx template project In order to facilitat... »

[STM32] KEIL engineering modifications for different STM32 chips (taking ZET6 to adapt C8T6 as an example)

How to adapt the KEIL project of a certain STM32 chip to another STM32 chip Take the STM32F103ZET6 and STM32F103C8T6 of the same series as an example Article directory How to adapt the KEIL project of a certain STM32 chip to another STM32 chipPrefacekey process1. Chip differences2. Select the corresponding chip3. Modify startup files and precompiled macro definitions4. Modify chip capacity in conc... »

STM32+ESP8266+MQTT connects to Alibaba Cloud server (3. AT command connects to Alibaba Cloud platform)

Preparation:1. Check the device certificate and prepare for subsequent connections. 2. Use Alibaba Cloud configuration tool to generate device information and client ID Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform Configuration ToolExtraction code: oxq9(1) Paste the triplet information of your device certificate into the corresponding text box and click to generate client ID, username and password (2) Connect to Al... »

Robomaster wheel motion calculation

1. Resources and code 1.1 Reference articles The three main articles referenced in this article are as follows: Analysis of wheel motion characteristics: ​ Motion anal... »

Music player based on STM32, using PWM to control the buzzer

Table of contents Show results Preface 1. Design background 1.1. Knowledge reserve 2. System design plan 2.1. Implement functions 2.2. Hardware part 2.3. Software part 3. Software design 3.1. Design flow chart 3.2. Setting of music frequency 3.3. Main ideas of programming 4. Programming Show results   Using PWM to control the buzzer based on STM32 Preface         For the music player project, I us... »

GD32F4xx serial port transceiver, DMA+idle interrupt

Basic configuration of serial port transceiver DMA+idle interrupt of GD32F4xx series: (Here we mainly take DMA+idle interrupt as an example)I won’t go into details about the principle. There is a lot of information on the Internet. Configuration and testing are done directly here. 1. First add the dma peripheral library function file of GD32F4xx to the project. 2. Create a new uart_dma.c file and ... »

Teach you step by step how to use it – commonly used modules – HC05 Bluetooth module, wireless Bluetooth serial port transparent transmission module, (example: mobile phone Bluetooth controls STM32 microcontroller to light up the LED light)

I’ve been learning STM32 recently. After finishing the basics, I wanted to learn a few modules to consolidate my knowledge, so I thought of the Bluetooth module. It’s so sad to play. There are many blogs teaching how to connect, but I still seem a bit confused. I won’t explain the principles and knowledge points of the module. Here I will mainlyHand in handRecord how I learned and used the B... »

Using USB to TTL serial port burning program STM32F103C8T6 core board (CH340)

The steps of this method are relatively cumbersome and are only used as a supplement to st-link burning. 1. Choose to create a .hex file when compiling. OpenMagic Wand Tool, check Create HEX File 2. Click Compile Program to create a .hex file. After clicking “Compile”, the .hex is in the Objects folder. 3. Wiring TXD is connected to PA9 on STM32 TXD is connected to PA10 on STM32   4. C... »

ESP32 LVGL_V8 fastest porting strategy

ESP32 LVGL_V8 fastest porting strategy Series article address:ESP32 LVGLV7 fastest transplantation strategy This article is the latest transplant before publication. If you need Lvgl V7, please refer to the above. Article directory ESP32 LVGL_V8 fastest porting strategySoftware EnvironmentHardware environmentIntroduction to ESP32-S3-12k development boardDevelopment board parametersSPI of ESP32S3 L... »

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