Solve the problem of sorting after SQLite auto-increment ID modification:

import sqlite3 import os BASE_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))) db_path=os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'db.sqlite3') print (db_path) def del_pro_db(del_id): """Connects to the specific database.""" conn = sqlite3.connect(db_path) c = conn.cursor() q = 'update MyApp_db_project set id=id-1 where id>'+str(del_id) c.execute(q) conn.commit() return conn def find_max_id(): con... »

Android Learning Online Mall (Part 1)

Preface It’s time to design the course again. This time the course design is more difficult because there are still 3 exams in two weeks, and I have to review during the course design. It really consumes a lot of energy, but I also gain a lot. Let’s summarize next. Let’s talk about what we learned in this course Android Learning Online Mall (Part 1) Android Learning Online Mall (Part 2) Source cod... »

Python crawls station B’s attention list

Python crawls station B’s attention list 1. Database design and operation1. Data analysis2. Database design3. Database operations 2. Reptiles3. Complete code4. [Project Warehouse](https://github.com/Concyclics/BiliBiliFollowSpider) 1. Database design and operation 1. Data analysis Station B’s watch list is at https://api.bilibili.com/x/relation/followings?vmid=UID&pn=1&ps=50&order=desc... »

Golang ORM quick start tutorial

Learn how to use this articleGo-ORMorGORM, demonstrating interaction with sqlite3 data through examples. ORM(Object Relationship Managers) act as agents between developers and the underlying database technology. It essentially lets us use objects as we would normally do without having to write complex SQL statements. Using ORM can effectively reduce coding complexity when interacting with the data... »

nanomsg project practice

Article directory nanomsg downloadcompileUsagebasic conceptPipelineRequest/ReplyPairPub/SubSurveyBusused in projectspublish serviceSubscription servicemakefile nanomsg download Download address: https://github.com/nanomsg/nanomsg/releases compile unzip nanomsg-1.1.5.zip cd nanomsg-1.1.5/ mkdir build cd build cmake .. cmake --build . ctest . sudo cmake --build . --target install sudo ldconfig Usage... »

C# PC development (12) – Use of SQLite

I. System.Data.SQLite 1. Download and install download link:https://system.data.sqlite.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/downloads-unsup.wiki。 Here I am using .NET 4.0, so download 64-bit for 4.0 support: After downloading, install: After the installation is complete, view the installation directory: 2. Add the reference library to the project 2. Use 1. Quote using System.Data.SQLite; 2. Connect to the... »

sqlite3 database implements student management system

1. Database operation 1. System commands System commands start with . and cannot be followed by a semicolon. .help Open help.quit exit the database.exit Exit the database.open opens the database file.tables Check what tables are in the database.schema displays the table creation statement (table structure) 2. Relational database structure 3.sql statement SQL statements are common to relational dat... »

Learn the react-native-sqlite-storage case

1. Development environment react native Android environment react native version 0.63.4 2. Introduce how to use the official website case The library’sgithub address After entering the official website, the document states that the RN version is greater than 0.60. No additional configuration is required. Just look for the test file on it. After entering, paste the code in the index.android.j... »

sqlite view table structure

select * from sqlite_master where type=”table”; sqlite> select * from sqlite_master where type=”table”; type|name|tbl_name|rootpage|sql table|android_metadata|android_metadata|3|CREATE TABLE android_metadata (locale TEXT) table|records|records|4|CREATE TABLE records (_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,record_index INTEGER,title TEXT,edittime BIGINT,alarmtime BIGINT,bgcolor TEXT,thu... »


Airflow core concepts DAGs: Directed Acyclic Graph, which organizes all tasks that need to be run according to dependencies and describes the execution order of all tasks.Operators: It can be simply understood as a class, which describes what a task in the DAG needs to do. Among them, airflow has many built-in operators, such as BashOperator to execute a bash command, PythonOperator to call any Py... »

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