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Microservice Spring Boot integrates Redis and uses Redis-based Stream message queue to implement asynchronous flash sale orders.

Article directory 1. What is Redis message queue?2. Redis message queue-implementing message queue based on Redis List3. Redis message queue–Pubsub-based message queue4. Consumption queue based on Redis StreamStream simple syntaxStream’s consumer group 5. Implement asynchronous flash sales based on Redis Stream message queue6. Program testingsummary 1. What is Redis message queue? lite... »

Selenium practical application – realizing automatic playback of courses on Zhidao wisdom tree

Preface The school has arranged courses on the Wisdom Tree platform. I don’t want to learn but I have to learn. It’s that simple.(How dare you say such rebellious words, brother). Hahahaha, of course not. I am a contemporary college student who loves learning and is eager to arm myself with the power of knowledge. The school has provided us with such excellent courses. Of course, we cannot let dow... »

Detailed explanation of postman assertions

01, affirmation In postman, we write assertions in the Tests tag, and commonly used assertions are encapsulated on the right side. Of course, Tests can not only be used as assertions, but can also be used as post-processors to write some post-processing codes, which are often used in: Get the response of the current interface and pass it to the next interface Control the execution order between mu... »

How does postman do interface association?

Table of contents 1. Extract data 2. Verification 3. Put in data 4. Verification In postman, when one of our interfaces needs to return data from another interface, we need to make an interface association at this time. I will teach you step by step how to operate First of all, I have two interfaces in postman. Due to time reasons, these two interfaces have little correlation in actual business. F... »

How to conduct compatibility testing? What does compatibility testing do?

Compatibility testing refers to testing whether software can run friendly on specific hardware platforms, different application software, different operating system platforms, different networks and other environments. Compatibility testing is an essential process in the software testing process. Testing without compatibility testing is incomplete testing. Let’s share how to do compatibility testi... »

What are the common classifications of software testing tests?

Preface Each of us will encounter several types of tests during the testing process. We may have heard of some, and may have done some work, but not everyone understands all test types. Each test has its own features, advantages and disadvantages. However, in this article, I have covered almost every kind of software testing that we usually use in our daily testing life. 1. Different types of soft... »

The use of beanshell in jmeter

What is a beanshell? In fact, it can be understood as a scripting language, generally written in Java, and is a plug-in in the form of a jar package. What are jmeter currently available? Timer: BeanShell TimerPreprocessor: BeanShell PreProcessorSampler: BeanShell SamplerPost-processor: BeanShell PostProcessorAssertions: BeanShell AssertionsListener: BeanShell Listener BeanShell usage Take the logi... »

Automated testing RF+Selenium environment construction

Robot Framework What is RF The automated testing technology referred to in this article is based on selenium to implement automated functional testing, and Robot Framework, referred to as RF, is an automated testing framework based on Python+Selenium. RF Cuncui is an automated testing framework based on a combination of keyword-driven and data-driven. It can perfectly implement automated functiona... »

What are the commonly used tools in software testing?

  What are the commonly used tools in software testing work?? Generally speaking, there are open source test management tools, open source functional automated testing tools, open source performance automated testing tools, Quality Center, QuickTest Professional, LoadRunner, etc.   1. Recommend 10 common software testing tools:   (1)Bugfree BugFree draws on Microsoft’s R&D process and Bu... »

linpack test tool usage instructions

Table of contents 1. linpacktest tools 1.1. linpackIntroduction 1.2. mpiIntroduction 2. linpack configuration file and parameter meaning 2.1. Overview 2.2. HPL.dat parameter analysis 3. linpack usage and result analysis 3.1. Compile and run linpack 3.2. linpack result analysis 3.2.1. Linpack result efficiency calculation 3.2.2. Occupying memory space 4. Some thoughts on linpack debugging parameter... »

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