Hard work, Hongmeng system refuses GMS service, Google is in trouble this time

Since the beginning of 2019, Huawei’s Hongmeng system has been at the forefront. As the first truly domestic system in China, it is reasonable for Huawei to attract a lot of attention. In addition, Huawei has also launched a 100-machine upgrade plan. Many old models have been adapted to the Hongmeng system. Pollen also has a very high evaluation of Hongmeng. Even many domestic mobile phone users o... »

Hongmeng OS2.0 device development Hi3861-basic function summary

Hi3861-GPIO basic function implementation summary 1.Basic IO functions1.1 Output1.2 Input1.3 System delay 2.PWM output2.1 Common APIs for PWMIoTPwmStart() defined in iot_pwm.h;hi_pwm_start() defined in hi_pwm.h; 2.2 How to control the steering gear 3.ADC implementation3.1 ADC common APIs3.2 Precautions for using ADC 4. Driver i2c4.1 i2c API4.2 i2c usage tips Summary5. Demonstration cases and their... »

OpenHarmony standard equipment application development (3) – distributed data management

(The following content is shared by developers and does not represent the views of the OpenHarmony Project Group Working Committee) Xing Lu   In the previous chapter, we used distributed music players, distributed bombs, and distributed shopping carts to explain how related controls are used in the layout of OpenAtom OpenHarmony (hereinafter referred to as “OpenHarmony”), and how to im... »

Teach you step by step how to transplant openharmony3.0 to stm32 (liteos_m)

stm32 series chip transplantation openhrmony3.0 liteos_m I have found many articles before, but since there are few articles in this area and the official website documents are too concise, the transplantation process is relatively cumbersome, so I will record it here. Attached is the final template address //gitee.com/emb-y/hm3-to-stm32 1. Create stm32cubemx template project In order to facilitat... »

Embedded linux/Hongmeng development board (IMX6ULL) development (19) I2C application programming

Article directory 1.I2C application programming1.1 I2C video introduction1.1.1 I2C hardware framework1.1.2 I2C software framework1.1.3 What do we talk about 1.2 I2C protocol1.2.1 Hardware connection1.2.2 Transmitting data analogy1.2.3 Format of IIC transmission data==1 Write operation====2 Read operation====3.I2C signal====4. Agreement details== 1.3 SMBus protocol1.3.1 SMBus is a subset of the I2C... »

Hongmeng application development: implementing a simple media player

It has been some time since the release of Harmony OS. In order to understand the functions and features of Harmony OS, today we are going to use the system API to implement a simple media player demo. After reading this article, everyone will have a certain understanding of the media player-related APIs, and can follow the steps in the article to implement a simple media player on the Hongmeng sy... »

The first thing to do when applying Hongmeng is to download DevEco Studio and configure the local virtual environment.

DevEco Studio is an IDE developed by Huawei for the Hongmeng system and can be downloaded from the Huawei Hongmeng official website. https//developer.harmonyos.com/cn/develop/deveco-studio/ Recently tested on January 3, 2022, it seems that the latest 3.0Beta2 cannot use the local virtual environment Local Emulator. It is recommended to download the latest version, or you still need to download the... »

[HarmonyOS][Demo][JAVA UI] How to add components to Webview in Hongmeng

In our HarmonyOS development, adding components to the Webview component may be a very common function. There is a little difference between HarmonyOS’s webview and Android’s webwiew. Let’s implement this function today. Use project layout to display the basic functions of webview building and webview loading links Solve the problem of webview overlay not displaying Check the run... »

Use Code Cloud (Gitee) to obtain the source code of the open source Hongmeng + Euler system

Use Code Cloud (Gitee) to obtain the source code of the open source Hongmeng + Euler system Get the open source Hongmeng systemDownload and obtain the Huawei Cloud image (release version code and latest version code)Obtained from the code cloud warehouse (main code) Get the open source Euler systemHuawei cloud image download and acquisitionObtained from code cloud warehouse Get the open source Hon... »

The development of Huawei’s Hongmeng system may have reached a bottleneck, and it will be difficult to continue to grow rapidly.

Hongmeng system has developed rapidly in 2021 and has exceeded 300 million users. The industry had expected the further development of this operating system and then compete with Android and iOS systems in the global market. However, considering various practical situations, Huawei alone exclusively supports the development of Hongmeng system. , further expansion is already very difficult. The Hon... »

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