uniapp ios packaged and put on shelves

Record of steps of ios packaging and listing process Let me know in advance: This is the normal process for uniapp to develop multi-terminal and put it on iOS. There are also simpler ones like Banana Cloud that can help you put it on the shelf with one click. Just search for other tutorials. Appuploader official website–IOS ipa upload and release tool, certificate production tool cross-platf... »

iOS video editing project based on AVFoundation

write in front I recently worked on a small video editing project and encountered some small pitfalls, but the function was still achieved without any risk.In fact, Apple officially gave us a UIVideoEditController for us to do video processing, but it is difficult to extend or customize, so we used AVFoundation, a framework provided by Apple, to develop custom video processing.And I found that the... »

uniapp – share on WeChat on ios and android, download by opening appStore and app store

The premise is that the iOS and Android versions of the app have been put on the AppStore and App Store. Open the official website of Yongyingbao App Market Search the app name in the search box to find the app and click to enter The link of the current page is the link that will be shared later through WeChat to jump to the App Store to download... »

Swift implements second-level nesting of TableView through storyboard

GitHub – iscopy/TableTwo: iOS swift TableView two-level nesting, folding iOS swift TableView two-level nesting, folding. Contribute to iscopy/TableTwo development by creating an account on GitHub. 1. Create a project Create a project named TableTwo. The pre-implementation effect is as follows: TableView is nested inside TableView, and the TableView inside ca... »

Understanding of mainAxisAlignment and crossAxisAlignment in flutter

When I first started learning Flutter, I was confused about the two attributes mainAxisAlignment (main axis) and crossAxisAlignment (cross axis). Let’s record how to distinguish them. The code for this learning class is as follows: import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; class ChoicePicture2 extends StatefulWidget { const ChoicePicture2({Key? key}) : super(key: key); @override _PictureState create... »

iOS hot reload (storyboard/xib control visual development)

iOS hot reload (storyboard/xib control visual development) The meaning of hot reloadIBInspectable keywordIB_DESIGNABLE / IBDesignable keyworddrawRect methodCode mode refresh The meaning of hot reload When writing UI layout, it takes a lot of time, and often if you change a property, you need to recompile and run to see the effect. The time spent on compilation is huge, and these time-consuming tim... »

ciscoAP configuration

Cisco Wireless Thin AP Configuration 1. Check AP system version, Flash and other information AP# show version AP# dir Directory of flash:/ 2 -rwx 64 Jan 18 2016 08:34:20 +00:00 sensord_CSPRNG0 3 -rwx 58733 Jan 18 2016 08:34:25 +00:00 event.log 4 -rwx 378 Oct 8 2016 02:44:56 +00:00 env_vars 5 drwx 0 Mar 1 1993 00:01:05 +00:00 configs 6 -rwx 74 Oct 8 2016 02:44:56 +00:00 capwap-saved-config 7 drwx 2... »

iOS Code Coverage (2) – Incremental Coverage Automation Practice

Full code coverage can intuitively see the code coverage of the entire App, but what is often useful or focused is the incremental code coverage data. After continuous learning and exploration, we found that based on the git diff capability, we can obtain the incremental information we want through a series of processes, and combine it with the coverage information to obtain an incremental coverag... »

Translation: How to detect iOS memory leaks and preserve cycles using Xcode’s memory map debugger

At DoorDash, we are always working hard to improve our user experience by improving the stability of our application. A major part of this effort is to prevent, fix, and eliminate any retain cycles and memory leaks in our large codebase. To detect and fix these issues, we found the Memory Graph Debugger to be fast and easy to use. After significantly improving our OOM-free session rate on our Dash... »

Tips for using iPad as a secondary screen for Windows computers (details)

I believe many users are troubled by the inability of iPad and computer to fully cooperate when multitasking. This problem has caused many users to be “forced” to let their iPads or computers eat dust. Have you ever thought about using iPad as a secondary screen for your computer to assist in computer use? Test equipment and environment: Laptop with win11 / iPad Pro 11′ with iPad... »

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