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The driver package required by Kettle to connect to the mysql database causes an error (with driver download method attached)

1. Background The leader asked to use kettle,Synchronize sqlsever data to mysql, so I thought that the kettle tool can also configure incremental synchronization and scheduled synchronization. As a result, the connection took a long time. I am a newbie and not very familiar with the operation. Hahaha, don’t be dissatisfied, masters, just record the process. Don’t mind your level when writing an ar... »

Alibaba Yu Jun: DingTalk should take the path of low-code practice

Guest | Organized by Yu Jun |Nishikari xs Listing |cloud native In the wave of digital transformation, more and more companies are beginning to embrace digitalization to improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. While digitization helps companies achieve “increase in revenue and reduce expenditures,” the operating costs brought about by digitization itself also deserve attent... »

Elasticsearch: Metadata fields – Introduction to metadata fields

Each document has metadata associated with it, such as the _index and _id metadata fields. When you create a mapping, you can customize the behavior of some of these metadata fields. For example, we create a document like the following: PUT test { "mappings": { "properties": { "id": { "type": "keyword" }, "message": { "type": "text" } } } } PUT test/_doc/1 { "id": "1234", "message": "This is so lo... »

Spark yarn mode sets the core number, quantity and memory of the executor

Static settings on demand Reference link:Stack OverflowThe following case contains the three aspects in the title: number of executor cores, number of executors, and executor memory. Parameters such as driver memory are not mentioned in the original text. Case: 6 nodes, 16 cores + 64 GB RAM per node Since each executor is a JVM instance, we can assign multiple executors to each node. Reserve resou... »

Business growth encounters bottleneck? You must check out these ways to use big data to drive business growth

Table of contents Preface 1. Massive data processing solution 1.1 Big data storage 1.1.1 Traditional data storage 1.1.2 Cloud big data warehouse 1.2 Quick display of data BI 1.2.1 Big data BI industry chain structure analysis 1.2.2 Huawei’s one-stop big data BI solution Preface With the rapid development and integration of big data and cloud native, various technical fields will face a new wave of... »

What are the common classifications of software testing tests?

Preface Each of us will encounter several types of tests during the testing process. We may have heard of some, and may have done some work, but not everyone understands all test types. Each test has its own features, advantages and disadvantages. However, in this article, I have covered almost every kind of software testing that we usually use in our daily testing life. 1. Different types of soft... »

Java login Kerberos authentication expiration problem

This problem is a bug in the lower version of hadoop and will be automatically solved after upgrading to hadoop3.0.0+. question: Recently, the CDH cluster added kerberos authentication, and it was discovered that more than 24 hours after the JavaWeb application was started, the kerberos certificate expired, causing the query to Hbase to fail. When the Spark program connects to CDH, through the pri... »

[Yunxiang·People] Huawei Cloud AI senior expert Bai Xiaolong: How does AI release application productivity and move towards AI engineering?

Summary:The development of AI technology is evolving from the application stage to the efficient production stage. AI engineering capabilities will continue to penetrate into the business and release corporate productivity. This article is shared from Huawei Cloud Community “[Cloud Enjoy·People] Huawei Cloud AI Senior Expert Bai Xiaolong: How can AI release application productivity and move ... »

Start learning FPGA from the underlying structure (12)—-Introduction to FIFO IP core and its key parameters

Article directory Series Catalog and Portal 1. Introduction to FIFO 2. Xilinx FIFO IP core 2.1. Interface 2.2. Implementation method 2.3. FIFO IP core performance 2.4. Write operation 2.5. Read operation 2.6. Programmable signal 2.6.1. Programmable Full signal 2.6.2. Programmable Empty signal 2.7. Data counting 2.8. Asymmetric read and write bit width 2.9. Reset 2.10. Actual depth 3. Summary and r... »

The simplest Anaconda+Python3.7 installation tutorial on the Internet for Win10 (100% successful)

The simplest Anaconda+Python3.7 installation tutorial on the Internet for Win10 (100% successful) 1. Environmental content 2. Anaconda ① Download of Anaconda (can be skipped) ② Installation of Anaconda 3. Python3.7 ① Download of Python3.7 (can be skipped) ② Installation of Python3.7 4. Compilation environment  📍Pycharm  📍Jupyter  📍Vscode Extra: Anaconda configuration environment that everyone is u... »

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