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Microservice Spring Boot integrates Redis and uses Redis-based Stream message queue to implement asynchronous flash sale orders.

Article directory 1. What is Redis message queue?2. Redis message queue-implementing message queue based on Redis List3. Redis message queue–Pubsub-based message queue4. Consumption queue based on Redis StreamStream simple syntaxStream’s consumer group 5. Implement asynchronous flash sales based on Redis Stream message queue6. Program testingsummary 1. What is Redis message queue? lite... »

[Cloud native | Docker] Docker image (image) and service

Article directory Docker image operationFind an imageMirror listGet imageDelete imagesave image Docker service related commands Docker image operation Image is one of the three major components of Docker.Docker needs the corresponding image to exist locally before running the container. If it does not exist locally, Docker will download it from the image warehouse.Let’s mainly understand the docke... »

Developers, what exactly are Docker images, containers and repositories?

Keywords: docker | mirror | container | warehouse I. Introduction Developer, learn from this articleDocker images, containers, warehousesIf you understand these three concepts, you will understand the entire life cycle of Docker and lay a solid foundation for subsequent learning. Table of contents I. Introduction2. Image3. Container4. Warehouse (Repository)4.1、Docker Hub4.2. Private warehouse 5. W... »

High-availability cluster design based on Centos+Docker+Kubeadm

Preface Hello everyone, I’m Edison😎 Today is the third article in our “Cloud Native” series: “Deploying k8s clusters”; Let’s get it! Article directory Preface1. Installation requirementsNode planningPrepare environment 2. Set up hosts resolutionAdjust system configurationInstall docker 3. Install kubeadm kubelet and kubectlInitialization configuration fileDownload the image... »

Install docker on Mac

You can use Homebrew to install Docker. Homebrew’s Cask already supports Docker for Mac. If you don’t have Homebrew, you can refer to the articleMac’s Homebrew_IMSince1999’s Blog – Blog start installation: 1. Terminal input: brew install --cask --appdir=/Applications docker 2. Appears: docker was successfully installed! The installation was successful. 3. The first time you... »

Springboot/Springcloud integrates ELK platform, (Filebeat method) log collection and management (Elasticsearch+Logstash+Filebeat+Kibana)

Preface Recently I am working on a complete cloud native framework. For details, seespring-cloud-alibaba column, currently integrated log4j2, but if I want a system that can observe logs in real time, I thought of ELK. Then the previous article sent the socket asynchronously to logstash, and logstash output it to the elasticsearch index library. Logstash is a Java application. Parsing the length o... »

[Cloud Native | 02] Detailed tutorials on installing Docker under different operating systems such as CentOS, Ubuntu, macOS, win7, win8, win10, etc.

About the author: Top 1 in the Python track of the third season of the Rising Star Program for high-quality creators in the field of cloud computingAlibaba Cloud ACE certified senior engineer🏅Homepage:xpenglinuxPersonal community:Xiaopeng linux (personal community)Welcome to join!   Table of contents 1. Docker concept 2. What advantages does Docker have over traditional virtualization? 3. Docker i... »

Detailed explanation of common Docker instructions and mirroring operations – quick learning + example code

Table of contents Preface 1. Docker basic commands 1. Start docker 2. Check status 3. Close docker 4.Start automatically after power on 5. Check version information 6. View help 2. Docker image command 1. View the docker image 2. Search for images Search for images of busybox with no less than 10,000 stars format formatted output Limit the number of search outputs Disable output truncation 3. Pull... »

[K8s Series Part 4]: Practical View of Pods and Work Nodes

This article is the fourth in the K8s series. It mainly focuses on viewing pods and working nodes in practice. Through this article: we will learn about Pods and worker nodes in Kubernetes, and troubleshoot deployed applications. In previous articles, I have introduced some basic knowledge and simple practical applications of cloud native. Interested students can go to my cloud native column to le... »

[Cloud Native | 36] Docker quickly deploys mainstream scripting language JavaScript

🍁Blogger profile:High-quality creators in the field of cloud computing         🏅The first place in the python track of the third season of the Rising Star Project         🏅Alibaba Cloud ACE certified senior engineer         🏅Alibaba Cloud Developer Community Expert Blogger ✒️Blogger WeChat:15575411187 💊communication community:Xiaopeng linux (personal community)Welcome to join! Table of contents 1.... »

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