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9. Generalized table – Generalized table concept, storage structure, depth/length, copy algorithm

Article directory 9. Generalized table – Generalized table concept, storage structure, depth/length, copy algorithm9.1 Basic concepts of generalized tables9.2 Storage structure of generalized table9.3 Depth and length of generalized tables9.3.1 Length of generalized tables9.3.2 Depth of generalized tables 9.4 Copying generalized tables 9. Generalized table – Generalized table concept, ... »

A brief explanation of singly linked lists

Note: I am also a novice, so I hope readers can tolerate me if I make mistakes. Article directory Preface1. Structural definition of singly linked list2. Basic operations of singly linked list1. Initialization of singly linked list2. Creation of singly linked list1. Head insertion methodPicture explanation of head insertion method 2.Tail insertion methodPicture explanation of tail insertion method... »

[Data structure] Huffman tree and Huffman coding implementation (C language)

Table of contents 1. Huffman tree1.1 Basic concepts1.2 Construct Huffman tree1.3 Type definition of Huffman tree1.4 Algorithm implementation of Huffman tree creation 2. Huffman coding implementation2.1 Huffman coding2.2 Complete code2.3 Operation results 1. Huffman tree 1.1 Basic concepts path: Refers to the branch sequence from the root node to this node. path length: refers to the number of bran... »

python one-way circular linked list

I am a newbie, hoping to take notes to record what I have learned, and I hope it can help people who are also beginners. I also hope that the big guys can help correct mistakes~Infringement will be deleted immediately. Table of contents 1. One-way circular linked list 2. Create node object 3. Initial definition of linked list object 4. Determine whether the linked list is empty 5. Get the length o... »

C language version – data structure – final course design – major homework (airline passenger booking system) with source code + experimental documents

Design topic: Air passenger booking system Knowledge involved in this project: pointers, structure arrays, linked lists, parameter passing Need to add the author of the code Require code +Q:2031234996 WeChat: QovS_Oct-16 Your likes, favorites, followers, and adding friends are the author’s greatest support.   [Problem Description] The business activities of air passenger ticket booking include que... »

MySQL index classification and creation principles

Article directory original:1. Index classification.1. Ordinary index:2. Unique index:3. Primary key index:4. Single column index:5. Joint index: 2. Principles of index creation.1. The value of the field has uniqueness restrictions.2. Fields that are frequently used as WHERE query conditions.3. Frequently use GROUP BY and ORDER BY columns.4. Determine whether to establish a single-column index or a... »

[LeetCode]Replace spaces&&disappeared numbers&&split linked list&&product of arrays except itself

​🌠 author:@A Liang joy. 🎆Column:“A Liang loves to write questions” 🎇 Motto: Every outstanding person has a period of silence. That period is a time when a lot of hard work has not yielded results. We call it taking root. Table of contents replace spacesdisappearing numbersIdea 1Idea 2 delimited linked listproduct of arrays other than itselfSummarize replace spaces Please implement a fu... »

Infinitus Classification

Infinitus Classification Implementation Method1. Recursive implementation function getCategory($arr,$pid=0,$level=0) { static $cateList = []; foreach($arr as $k=>$v) { if($v['pid'] == $pid) { $cateList[] = $v; unset($arr[$key]);//Delete the sorted data and reduce the number of traversals $cateList['lavel'] = $level; } getCategory($arr,$v['id'],$level+1); } return $list; } $arrData to be travers... »

LeetCode 884 Uncommon words in two sentences [String] HERODING’s road to LeetCode

Problem-solving ideas:A better idea to understand is to splice two strings together, and then return the words whose number is 1, which involves string segmentation, so python will be more convenient to use. The code is as follows: class Solution(object): def uncommonFromSentences(self, s1, s2): """ :type s1: str :type s2: str :rtype: List[str] """ C = s1.split(' ') + s2.split(' ') return [i for i... »

c++ student information management system

Preface c++ coursework – student information management systemexist Original blogC++ address book management system Made some modifications on the basis of. student information management system Basic functional requirements: Can use file opening, closing, reading and writing operations to achieve1. Enter several student information (student numb... »

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