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Microservice Spring Boot integrates Redis and uses Redis-based Stream message queue to implement asynchronous flash sale orders.

Article directory 1. What is Redis message queue?2. Redis message queue-implementing message queue based on Redis List3. Redis message queue–Pubsub-based message queue4. Consumption queue based on Redis StreamStream simple syntaxStream’s consumer group 5. Implement asynchronous flash sales based on Redis Stream message queue6. Program testingsummary 1. What is Redis message queue? lite... »

Spring Boot integrates WebSocket (native annotations and Spring encapsulation)

Spring Boot integrates WebSocket This chapter will introduce the two main ways for Spring Boot to integrate WebSocket: native annotations and Spring encapsulation. Online WebSocket testing tool Spring Boot 2.x practice case (code warehouse) Native annotations Introduce dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-webs... »

[SpringBoot Series] How SpringBoot integrates SSMP

Article directory Implementing SSMP integration based on SpringBootIntegrate JUnitIntegrate MyBatisIntegrate MyBatis-PlusIntegrate Druid Implementing SSMP integration based on SpringBoot The reason why SpringBoot is easy to use is that it can integrate other technologies easily and quickly. Here we first introduce the integration of four technologies: Integrate JUnitIntegrate MyBatisIntegrate MyBa... »

The detailed process of SpringBoot integrating Alibaba Cloud SMS service (guaranteed that beginners can also implement it)

Preface Most of the practical articles on the Internet are generally incomplete, or only record the key parts, which seems to be difficult for those who are just learning. So, based on that. This article will introduce in detail every step of the process of using SpringBoot to integrate Alibaba Cloud SMS service. At the same time, the verification code will be stored in Redis and the expiration ti... »

[Exception]The field file exceeds its maximum permitted size of 1,048,576 bytes.

Contents of this article 1. Background description 2. Cause of error 3. Solution 3.1 Before SpringBoot 1.3.x 3.2 SpringBoot 1.4.x 3.3 After SpringBoot 2.0.x 1. Background description This project is a Springboot project. Its function is to upload a file. During the test, an error was reported. The uploaded was a word file with a size of 1.25MB. The error message is as follows: Caused by: org.apach... »

Java project: Design and implementation of online Heihei network disk system (java+Springboot+ssm+mysql+maven)

Source code acquisition: Download from “Resources” on the blog homepage! 1. Brief description of the project Function: User’s email registration, verification code verification and user login. There is no need to register an account, and you can also upload temporary files that meet the conditions, but they are only valid for 4 hours. File management, upload, download, rename, delete, ... »

A simple tutorial on how to use the MybatisX plug-in in SpringBoot (super detailed!!)

1. What is MybatisX? MybatisX is a rapid development plug-in based on IDEA, which is easy to usemybatisas well asmybatis-plusSimplify tedious repetitive operations at the beginning and increase development speed.                                       2. Benefits of using MybatisX Save a lot of persistence layer code development time Powerful functions provide various supports for business writing ... »

SpringBoot unit testing-JUnit5

Table of contents 1. Overview of JUnit5 1.1. JUnit5 composition 1.2. JUnit5 configuration 1.2.1. Import Junit5 development scenario 1.2.2. Junit5 development scenario automatically imports dependencies 2. Use of JUnit5 2.1. Jnuit5 test code development 2.1.1. Test code format 2.1.2. Test samples 2.2. Common annotations for JUnit5 2.2.1. @Test: Indicates that the method is a test method. 2.2.2. @Di... »

SpringBoot integrates Jwt (detailed steps + illustrations)

SpringBoot integrates Jwt (detailed steps + illustrations) Introduction to Jwt JSON Web Token is currently the most popular cross-domain authentication solution, suitable for identity authentication when front-end and back-end separation projects interact with data through Restful API. Jwt composition (.separated) eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJleHAiOjE2MTkxNjQ4NjEsInVzZXJuYW1lIjoiYWRtaW4... »

Elasticsearch Tutorial – Getting Started

1. What is elasticsearch? Full-text search is the most common requirement, and open source Elasticsearch is currently the first choice for full-text search engines. It can quickly store, search and analyze massive amounts of data. Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, Github all use it.The bottom layer of Elasticsearch is the open source library Lucene. However, you cannot use Lucene directly, you must write... »

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