Docker, which has 54k stars on Github, what exactly is it?

Many developers should know about Docker. Even if they have never used it, they should have heard about it. This open source tool became popular once it came out in 2013 and is very popular in microservices, project migration, cloud, etc. Now its github project has reached 54k stars. What exactly is Docker? What are its advantages that make it so popular? How to use it? This article will elaborate... »

Mobaihe CM311-1a does not require disassembly, flash firmware and + brush armbian to install docker and run Qinglong panel

Prepare a machine. If you buy it on Pinduoduo and flash the TV system, skip this step.   Flashing tutorial:The machine must be rooted 1. Copy all the files to the USB flash drive, install the USB flash drive, turn on the computer and press the left button repeatedly. When the flashing progress bar appears, turn off the computer, and then quickly turn on the computer again. As shown in the picture ... »

Prometheus monitors K8S

Article directory 1. Monitoring plan2. Monitoring process3. Kubernetes monitoring indicators4. Service discovery:5. Use Prometheus to monitor Kubernetes(1) Preparation before deployment(2) Deploy node-exporter using daemonset method(3) Deploy Prometheus(4) Deploy grafana(5) Inspection and testing(6) Grafana adds data sources and imports templates 6. Yaml file content(1)node-exporter.yaml(2)rbac-se... »

Tutorial on installing mysql5.7 under docker

1. Environment preparation Prepare a Linux system machine and install docker. Before reading this article, please understand the basic knowledge of docker and be familiar with the common commands for using docker. To learn the basics of docker, you can refer tothis blog postAfter installing and starting docker, you can start installing mysql. 2. Install mysql in docker container Execute the follow... »

Qinglong Panel Tutorial Series-Qinglong Panel Spy Monitoring Tutorial Automatically Updates Environment Variables

Spy highlights introduction A common monitoring script for card opening and other activities has been added to the Faker library. No need to do it manually, free your hands. Automatically monitor and execute free activities such as card opening and additional purchases, without the need to guard at all times. Spy monitors around the clock and automatically updates environment variables to perform ... »

Docker kills 15 questions in a row. How many questions can you persist in?

📢📢📢📣📣📣hello! Hello everyone, I am [IT Bond], known as jeames007 in the world, and I have 10 years of DBA work experience.A member of the China DBA Alliance, a highly motivated [blogger in the field of big data]!Member of China DBA Union (ACDU), currently engaged in DBA and programmingGood at mainstream data Oracle, MySQL, PG operation and maintenance development, backup and recovery, installation ... »

[Software Tutorial] How to mount Quark Network Disk as a local disk [Docker+AList+RaiDrive]

Software required quark network disk web client. ( Desktop。(。( Mount the Quark network disk as a local disk 1. Install Docker+AList Download the Docker Desktop installation package from the official website and install it.Search for and run terminal in the windows search bar.Enter the following command line in th... »

Practical tutorial on all aspects of Kubernetes cluster learning route guide

words written in front Homepage:jiangxl~ Personal profile: Blog expert, Huawei Cloud Sharing expert, 51CTO expert blogger, high-quality creator in the field of DevOps operation and maintenance, TOP1 in the field of operation and security of Blog Star in 2021. Blog fields: cloud native, cloud computing, DevOps operation and maintenance development. Writing style: The detailed level of each article ... »

What is a Docker container? (Comprehensive understanding of use)

1: Why do you need Docker containers? 1.Introduction 1.1 Troublesome environment deployment 1. In software development, one of the most troublesome things is environment configuration. Under normal circumstances, if we want to ensure that the program can run, we need to set up the operating system and install various libraries and components. 2. For example, to run a Python program, the computer m... »

Docker Desktop failed to start… (failed to start…)

I was thinking about setting up a splash environment, but got stuck at this step. By the way, let’s talk about the entire installation process Install Docker 1. Search in the browser 2. Download according to your own needs (I am a windows user)) 3. My system is a home version and does not have Hyper-V, so I need to configure it myself (this step is not required for the professi... »

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