Windows kernel driver development (WDK environment construction)

Go to the official website to download the WDK installation package and Visual StudioDownload the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs First install Visual Studio. I don’t need to explain how to install it. Directly download the SDK and WDK in steps 2 and 3 below. SDK download address WDK download address Note that the downloaded SDK and WDK versions need to be consist... »

9. Generalized table – Generalized table concept, storage structure, depth/length, copy algorithm

Article directory 9. Generalized table – Generalized table concept, storage structure, depth/length, copy algorithm9.1 Basic concepts of generalized tables9.2 Storage structure of generalized table9.3 Depth and length of generalized tables9.3.1 Length of generalized tables9.3.2 Depth of generalized tables 9.4 Copying generalized tables 9. Generalized table – Generalized table concept, ... »

Supplementary questions for ZJUT’s 19th “Hangyin Financial Management Cup”

The first official competition between three people and one computer, a weak team and an even weaker captain wwwww To be honest, I always thought that in this kind of competition, except for a few check-in questions that do not require algorithms, the rest are nested algorithms and data structures. However, this competition seems to have a lot of thinking questions, and the level of thinking is st... »

C# Chart line chart uses the mouse wheel to zoom in, zoom out and pan the curve

Use the mouse wheel to scroll to enlarge and reduce the width of the X-axis. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to pan the curve left and right without using the scroll bar. Add mouse wheel event There is no mouse wheel event among the mouse events that comes with the chart control, so you need to add it manually. Add the following code to the InitializeComponent() function under the Designe... »

Unity implements character movement and camera following

This is a method I learned as a beginner to realize character movement and camera following. Let’s take a look at how I learned it. Table of contents 1. The camera rotates based on mouse input 2. Objects move according to keyboard input 1. Create a moving object script 2. Create input control script 3. Determine the direction of movement of the object 3. The camera follows the characters 4. Zoom i... »

VsCode Studio’s C/C++ code automatic completion

About VsCode Studio’s C/C++ code automatic completion first step:Need to download VsCodeC/C++ plug-in As shown in the picture: After downloading the plug-in, it is best to restart VS Step two:Find settings Enter in the input box: editor–>”Suggestions” under “Text Editor”–>Editor>Quick Suggestions. Set the values ​​of the three items according to your ow... »

Unity uses XML to create a simple login system

Save account and password through XML files and store them locally, a simple login system that does not connect to the database. 1. Create an XML file and set an initial account password. public void Creat() { localPath = UnityEngine.Application.streamingAssetsPath + "/" + "MyXML.xml"; if (!File.Exists(localPath)) { XmlDocument xml = new XmlDocument(); XmlDeclaration xmldecl = xml.CreateXmlDeclara... »

3d object detection

Table of contents HowNet paper reading notesKeywordskeywordsCurrent situation summary fragmented knowledge points3D detection algorithm classificationThere are three categories according to the data types used:Classification according to different feature expression methods of point clouds [1]:Other classification methods[1]:According to sensor classification [2]:Classification according to usage ... »

20220313 Simulation Competition Summary

I reviewed graph theory before the exam and found out that the question was greedy 1. Queue to receive water 【Problem Description】 There are n people queuing up in front of a faucet to receive water. If the time for each person to receive water is Ti, please program to find an order in which the n people queue up to minimize the average waiting time of the n people. 【Input format】 The input file h... »

Unity game development: implementation of dialogue system

In puzzle games, dialogue with NPCs is a basic and commonly used function. Generally speaking, players can obtain some valuable information during conversations with NPCs and have a certain guiding role in subsequent games. In addition, before and after the player obtains the corresponding item, the content of the conversation with the NPC will also change accordingly. Therefore, we need to encaps... »

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