VS Code failure analysis and solution to install go plug-in

Problem background VSCode is a common tool we use to develop go programs. However, after successfully installing VSCode, creating a .go file will prompt the following: This is because vscode prompts you to install the go plug-in, but when you click install all to install it, you find that the installation fails. Installing 8 tools at D:\pragrams\go\bin gocode gopkgs go-outline go-symbols dlv godef... »

MarkDown standard format

MarkDown MarkDown is a lightweight markup language that can write document formats like web pages without IT foundation. It has many editing tools, and there is also a web version. Specially developed markdown toolstypora。Widely used, github, simple book. Title formatlist formattable formatdividing line formatfont formatHyperlinkImage Formatcode block formatContent quotationanchor pointThe above a... »

Embedded development artifact—SourceInsight 4 usage tutorial (with installation package)

The code writing software used by many beginners who are getting started with embedded systems is IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as IAR and Keil. The advantage of this type of software is that it can not only write code, but also compile, debug and download programs. It is an ideal choice for us beginners to embed A powerful tool for development.What I would like to introduce to you... »

Synchronize all your VSCode configurations in one simple step

origin:The reason why I wrote this article is that I changed my job, so everything needs to be reconfigured. The vscode plug-in has been taking a long time, and there must be no more than 30 to 40 plug-ins on it. Downloading them one by one is slow and inefficient. There are a lot of solutions mentioned on the Internet, but most of them still rely on some automatic configuration of the setting syn... »

Recommended essential front-end development tools—VScode code editor

Preface VSCode (full name: Visual Studio Code) is a free cross-platform source code editor developed by Microsoft. The software supports syntax highlighting, code auto-completion (also known as IntelliSense), code reconstruction, and definition viewing functions, and has built-in command line tools and Git version control systems. Users can change themes and keyboard shortcuts to personalize setti... »

What to do if Win11 cannot open the Local Group Policy Editor

What should I do if Win11 cannot open the Local Group Policy Editor? First of all, everyone needs to know that Win11 Home Edition generally cannot open the Local Group Policy Editor. Because of the functionality, many of the computers purchased by my friends come with the Home Edition pre-installed, so they do not have this function. However, we can use certain methods to to solve. What to do if W... »

Typora uses mathematical formulas

Typora uses mathematical formulas Typora is an editor that supports Markdown. If you complete blog editing on Typora, you can directly import it into it, which is very easy to use! So how to add mathematical formulas in Typora? Commonly used formula editing methods are summarized here. Article directory Typora uses mathematical formulas1. Open Typora and select the math module2. Add mathematical f... »

c/c++ programming software (IDE) recommended

statement: The software recommendations in this article are recommended for beginners who are new to programming to help them quickly set up a c/c++ development environment and master the syntax. The recommended principles do not apply to the production field. In addition, Mengxin directly recommends Red Panda C++downloadIf your English is not good, you can use XiaolongdevXiaolong Dev-C++ Chinese ... »

[2. Play with the vim (vi) editor] Introduction to the three major modes and commands, how to configure the vim editor through the configuration file .vimrc

Preface The vi editor is the standard editor under Linux. The vi editor is not only used to write programs, but can also be used to edit some configuration files. Vim is an enhanced version of vi. We generally use vim to edit files. This article introduces the three major modes of the vim editor, as well as the corresponding commands, and finally introduces how to configure vim according to your o... »

Detailed description of Pandoc installation and basic usage

01 Introduction to Pandoc Pandoc is an extremely powerful format conversion tool that covers a wide range of formats and has good conversion effects.Commonly used formats such as docx, md, tex, html, etc. can be used for mutual conversion. 02 Pandoc installation Download and install Pandoc official website: Pandoc official website downloadUse conda to install. For details on conda installation met... »

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