Elasticsearch search keyword highlighting

When using elasticsearch, a very common requirement is to highlight text belonging to keywords in the search results on the page. Elasticsearch has some support for this. Based on the query results, it can additionally return the entire text that needs to highlight the keywords. As for how you want to use it, you need to implement it according to your business. http request body method Use kibana ... »

[ ElasticSearch ] Screwdriver study notes – ElasticSearch (7.0UP learning overview)

On this occasion when 1024 apes are celebrating the festival, how can we, as a member of the ape family, not come up with something to celebrate? No, here comes one of the two study notes at the bottom of the box – ElasticSearch Learning Overview~~ I wish myself and all my ape brothers a happy holiday, and welcome all ape friends to share their opinions and comments~ ~ What is ES? ES is an o... »

ES ElasticSearch Connection reset by peer problem solving

Problem phenomenon After the program does not operate for a period of time, the error Connection reset by peer will be reported when requesting es again. After that, the operations will be normal for several consecutive times. problem causes The reason why this error is reported is because the server has closed the link, but the client is still using this link. So why does this problem occur? It c... »

DataSourceTransactionManager Summary

DataSourceTransactionManager Summary 1.Spring framework configuration transaction1.1 Schema-based automatic proxy1.2 Use @transactional annotation 2.SpringBoot framework configuration transaction2.1@Transactional annotation2.1.1SpringBoot automatically assembles the transaction manager 2.2SpringBoot multiple data source configuration 2.2.1 Specify a transaction manager for the data source2.2.2 Spe... »

Elasticsearch: Metadata fields – Introduction to metadata fields

Each document has metadata associated with it, such as the _index and _id metadata fields. When you create a mapping, you can customize the behavior of some of these metadata fields. For example, we create a document like the following: PUT test { "mappings": { "properties": { "id": { "type": "keyword" }, "message": { "type": "text" } } } } PUT test/_doc/1 { "id": "1234", "message": "This is so lo... »

[ElasticSearch Series 6] Use QueryBuilders and NativeSearchQuery to implement various operations of es database on lists {multiple conditions, paging, sorting, highlighting (with highlighting tool class), etc.}

Preface We have integrated spring and elasticsearch before. Based on the previous steps, we will use es data to complete our project list and a series of query paging, sorting and highlighting functions.  [ElasticSearch Series 4] spring & elasticSearch (linux) integration [picture explanation]_Mengxiaocui’s blog-blog  introduce Let’s first take a look at the renderings of using es data t... »

elasticsearch full-text search/word segmentation/phrase/multi-field search/range query/sort/paging/compound query/use filter query

1. Word segmentation matching: match Effect:You can query the details containing natural/smart data GET jt46/user/_search {   “query”: {     “match”: {“detail”: “Smart by nature”     }   } } 2. Phrase matching: match_phrase Effect:It can only be queried in detail. The word segmentation contains data containing “Stupid Tiancheng” and must ... »

ES index creation, adding and modifying fields

Create index and configure: number_of_shards is the data shards, the default value is 5 number_of_replicas is the number of data backups. If there is only one machine, it is recommended to set it to 0 to prevent the index from always being in the yellow state. Note: This setting cannot be modified after the index is created (I remember this, I hope to correct my mistake) PUT /index_name/_settings ... »

Elasticsearch Tutorial – Getting Started

1. What is elasticsearch? Full-text search is the most common requirement, and open source Elasticsearch is currently the first choice for full-text search engines. It can quickly store, search and analyze massive amounts of data. Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, Github all use it.The bottom layer of Elasticsearch is the open source library Lucene. However, you cannot use Lucene directly, you must write... »

Elasticsearch read and write delay problem, how to set the index refresh_interval refresh interval

1. How ES data is stored Elaticsearch, referred to as ES, ES is an open source, highly scalableDistributed full-text search engine, is the entire ElasticStack is the core of the technology stack. It can store and retrieve data in near real-time; it is very scalable and can be extended toHundreds of servers, processing PB-level data. ES is most commonly used as a retrieval database, so how is its d... »

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