Graduation/private work/necessary, a standard open source front-end and back-end separation [springboot+vue+redis+Spring Security] scaffolding to make money–Ruoyi Framework

Foreword: Today I would like to share with you oneOpen sourceTake private jobs/graduate projects/part-time jobs to make moneyIt is an open source project that separates the front and back ends of Java. It took about an hour to download the source code and run it. It felt pretty good. I encountered some small problems when running the front-end code and quickly solved them according to the error pr... »

Distributed ID solution

Article directory 1. Distributed ID implementation solution1.1.uuid1.2 Database primary key auto-increment1.3 Redis auto-increment1.4 Segment mode1.5 Snowflake algorithm (snowflake)1.5.1 Baidu (uid-generator)1.5.2 Meituan (Leaf) The so-called id is a mark that can be used as a unique identifier.In our daily design, for a single architecture, we generally use the auto-increment ID of the database a... »

The value taken out from Redis by redisTemplate.opsForValue().get(KEY) is null and the stored key is quoted.

Save money 1. Use StringRedisTemplate, and confirm the variable type is String2. Whether the variable value comes with quotes         illustrate The value taken from Redis using redisTemplate.opsForValue().get(KEY) is null (whether it is RedisTemplate or StringRedisTemplate)     A closer look revealed that after saving to redis, there were double quotes around the key. After testing, you must add ... »

How to start Redis

1. Under Windows D: cd Redis //My redis installation path is D:\Redis redis-server.exe **If an error is reported creating server tcp listening socket bind No error D:\Redis>redis-cli.exe> shutdown not connected> exit redis-server.exe 2. Under Linux 1. Check the firewall and turn off the firewall        systemctl status firewal... »

springboot uses redis

springboot uses redis redis-service.exe: server, do not close after startingredis-cli.exe: client, access data in redisredisclient-win32.x86_64.2.0.jar: redis graphical interface client, the execution method is to execute in the directory of this file java -jar redisclient-win32.x86_64.2.0.jar Or click in the directory of this jar package to execute it directly. Click server, click add, and set th... »

Two commands keys and scan for Redis traversal and fuzzy matching key (python uses Redis)

Two commands keys and scan for Redis traversal and fuzzy matching key (python uses Redis) (1) Full traversal –keys command Get all keys in Redis: import redis pool=redis.ConnectionPool(host='',port=6379,password='mca321',db=2) r = redis.tRedis(connection_pool=pool) # Get all keys in the database keys = r.keys() # Get the data structure type of the key---get all keys in list form print(ty... »

Redis settings start automatically at boot

Article directory Preface1. What is Redis?2. Usage steps1. Create a new system service file2. Reload system services3. Start and view Redis4. Stop Redis5.Start automatically after power on Summarize Preface It is troublesome to start Redis every time we want to use Redis. We can directly set it to start automatically at boot, so that we do not need to do it manually every time. This article teache... »

(error) DENIED Redis is running in protected mode because protected mode is enabled and no password

1. Error message (error) DENIED Redis is running in protected mode because protected mode is enabled and no password is set for the default user. In this mode connections are only accepted from the loopback interface. If you want to connect from external computers to Redis you may adopt one of the following solutions: 1) Just disable protected mode sending the command ‘CONFIG SET protected-m... »

Starting and shutting down the Redis service under Linux

Starting and shutting down the Redis service under Linux 1. Start2. Close3. Remote connection to Redis service4. Connection refused error report5. Other error reports 1. Start 1. Start using the configuration file. Note: When entering this command, there is no obvious prompt. In fact, Redis has been started in the background. # First switch to the installation directory cd /usr/local/src/redis/red... »

Installation and use of Redis Windows version (simple version)

1. I will transfer the download address to the network disk for you (with Redis Desktop Manager graphical interface management) Network disk address –> Link: code: muym github download method:Releases · microsoftarchive/redis · GitHub 2. Find the file installation location and enter cmd to execute the startup command (open two wind... »

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