You can learn the Vue slot as soon as you learn it. Do you really want to take a look at it? (use scaffolding)

Table of contents I. Introduction Please pay attention to the complete content: Before you start: 2. Basic use of slot slots Subassembly: Parent component: Display of results: 3. Basic use of domain name slots Subassembly: Parent component: Show results: Notice: 4. How to obtain content from subcomponents through slots Subassembly parent component Show results: 5. Scope slot case Subassembly paren... »

Implement drag and drop sorting in vue

Native drag API implements drag and drop Set element dragable Set the draggable attribute of the element to true (the draggable attribute of the text image link defaults to true) and the element can be dragged and dropped. <div :draggable="true">drag</div> drag and drop event There are two types of elements involved in the drag and drop process, one is the dragged element (source objec... »

[Ajax] HTTP related issues-GET-POST-XHR usage-ajax in jQuery-cross-domain-same origin-jsonp-cors

Article directory 1. Ajax Overview1.1 Introduction to AJAX1.2 Introduction to XML1.3 Characteristics of AJAX1.3.1 Advantages of AJAX1.3.2 Disadvantages of AJAX 2. HTTP related issues2.1 MDN Documentation2.2 Basic process of HTTP request interaction2.3 HTTP request message1. Request line2. Multiple request headers3. Request body 2.4 HTTP response message2.5 post request body parameter format2.6 Com... »

Detailed explanation of vue virtual dom and diff algorithm

Virtual DOM is a technology used by the two most popular front-end frameworks (vue and react). It is said that it can help vue and react improve rendering performance and user experience. So today let’s take a closer look at what virtual dom is. The definition and function of virtual dom What is virtual dom One thing everyone must remember is that,Virtual dom is an ordinary js object. It is a js o... »

[Front-end soul scripting language JavaScript⑤]——The use of arrays in JS

Author: AweiHomepage:Flyme awei I hope everyone will support us and make progress together! The article is helpful to you, follow, like and collect How to use JavaScript arrays Article directory How to use JavaScript arrays1. Creation of Array2. Array elements and length3. Array traversal4. Common methods of arrays 1. Creation of Array The first: var array name = new Array();Create an empty array ... »

Vue3.0 project – creating an enterprise-level music app (2) development and optimization of lazy loading of images and v-loading instructions

Table of Contents of Series Articles contentReference linkVue3.0 project startedVue3.0 project launched (to create an enterprise-level music app)Vue3.0 project – building an enterprise-level music app (1)Tab bar, carousel, playlist, scrolling componentVue3.0 project – building an enterprise-level music app (2)Development and optimization of lazy loading of images and v-loading instruct... »

How vue implements automatic scrolling of lists (1)

Although the title is “How Vue implements automatic scrolling of lists”, other front-end frameworks should also be able to implement it in this way. In this case, no third-party plug-ins are used, and all relevant js, css and timer methods in vue are used. accomplish. The first step in solving a problem is not to find the code, but to analyze the problem. There are two common ways to a... »

There are hundreds of ready-to-use web page effects, why don’t you take a look?

Write in front: I especially like to collect good-looking special effects codes on the front end and websites that are easy to use on the front end. I’m sharing it with you today, if you find it helpful, you canLike, collect and support,If possiblefocus onIt couldn’t be better at once ヾ(≧▽≦*)o, and I will share a lot of useful information in the future. Without further ado, here are the animated p... »

In five minutes, understand what ES6 common syntax will be used in vue projects

Table of contents Preface 1. Constant declaration and variable declaration 1. let statement command let stipulates that variables cannot be declared repeatedly There is no variable upgrade in let Block level effects temporary dead zone 2. const command 2. Variable destructuring and assignment Array destructuring assignment Object destructuring and assignment 3. Rest parameters 4. Arrow function 5.... »

[Highly recommended] Basic use of JSON in Python (super detailed)

Basic use of JSON in Python 1. Introduction to JSON2. JSON syntax rules3. JSON data type4. JSON object5. JSON array6. Commonly used methods in JSON6.1 json.dumps()6.2 json.loads()6.3 json.dump()6.4 json.load()6.5 More examples 7. Detailed explanation of parameters8. Deserialize JSON to object9. Common Mistakes9.1 Read multi-line JSON files9.2 Console garbled code 10. Summary 1. Introduction to JSO... »

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