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Prometheus deployment, operation and Grafana display

Table of contents 1. Deploy Prometheus 1. Environmental preparation work 2. puometheus deployment 2.1 Upload prometheus to the opt directory and unzip it 2.2 Modify the prometheus configuration file 2.3 Configure the system startup file and set auto-start at boot 2.4 Open prometheus and visit the web page for verification 2. Deploy Exporter ( 1. Monitor the remote Linux host 192.16... »

Matlab image processing (1) Convert color images to grayscale images (must read for beginners)

Teach you step by step how to convert color images into grayscale images using Matlab RGB = imread('F:/1/tuxiang.jpg');%Read the image into the workspace Y = rgb2gray(RGB);% Grayscale the image imshow(Y)% displays grayscale image This is the most basic code to convert a color image into a grayscale image. The code is explained in detail below: ‘RGB’ is set by yourself and can be replac... »

ImportError: cannot import name ‘Literal‘ from ‘typing‘ (D:\Anaconda\envs\tensorflow\lib\

Error background: Because it is necessary to install the tensorflow-gpu version, I downgraded python3.8 in the original newly created anaconda environment (my name is tensorflow) to 3.7. When importing the seaborn package, the following error occurred: ImportError: cannot import name 'Literal' from 'typing' (D:\Anaconda\envs\tensorflow\lib\ Cause Analysis: This is because ‘Literal&... »

[H5 WeChat Authorization] Simple implementation of H5 page WeChat authorization function, WeChat developer tool reports system error, error code -1, undefined solution [Details]

Preface Recently I wrote about the H5 public account, which requires WeChat authorization.Here is a record of the authorization process and pitfalls encountered. picture After the authorization code is executed, it will jump to the authorized place. If there is no authorization, the authorization will be confirmed. If the authorization is passed, it will automatically log in directly and then jump... »

The relationship between Tensorflow and cuda versions (with multiple cuda versions installed)

The relationship between Tensorflow and cuda versions (with multiple cuda versions installed) Say one more thing If the version of tf used in the code downloaded online is inconsistent with your local cuda, you can install multiple cuda versions on your local machine, and then choose which version of cuda to use based on your own project (this is my local machine) win10 is chestnut) 1. I... »

Commonly used selectors in CSS

Table of contents 1. Basic selector 1. Tag selector 2. Class selector 3. id selector 4. Wildcard selector 5. Summary 2. Composite selector 1. Descendant selector 2. Sub-selector 3. Union selector 4. Pseudo-class selector 1. Basic selector The following syntax uses internal style sheets as examples~ 1. Tag selector grammar: <style> tag name { style declaration;         } </style> Featur... »

3d object detection

Table of contents HowNet paper reading notesKeywordskeywordsCurrent situation summary fragmented knowledge points3D detection algorithm classificationThere are three categories according to the data types used:Classification according to different feature expression methods of point clouds [1]:Other classification methods[1]:According to sensor classification [2]:Classification according to usage ... »

pycharm installs torch and cuda (in the new environment created by anaconda)

1. The problem There seems to be some conflict between torch and tensorflow in pycharm, so I created two conda environments (one named pytorch, one named tensorflow). There is no tensorflow library in the pytorch environment, and the same is true for the tensorflow environment. The problem now is that every time I use pip install torch in Terminal, it is always the cpu version. pip install torch i... »

[Alibaba Cloud] SMS service

Table of contents 1. Pre-processing technology: Alibaba Big Fish 1.1 Overview 1.2 Activation 1.3 Signature management 1.3.1 Signature Overview 1.3.2 Add signature 1.3.3 Use 1.4 Template management 1.4.1 Template overview 1.4.2 Add template 1.4.3 Use 1.5 Online documentation 1.5.1 Open online documents 1.5.2 Using online documentation 1.6 Use tools to send text messages 1.7 Change your account 1. P... »

python: Some problems and solutions when starting to use tensorflow

I have been using python for almost a year. I want to try tensorflow and learn about deep learning. However, unlike other modules, tensorflow is not easy to use, maybe it is just starting out. 1. Version problem. Different versions have very different usages. Therefore, it is necessary to first know whether you are using version 1.x or 2.x. You can check the version by using the following method: ... »

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