Tips for using iPad as a secondary screen for Windows computers (details)

I believe many users are troubled by the inability of iPad and computer to fully cooperate when multitasking.

This problem has caused many users to be “forced” to let their iPads or computers eat dust.

Have you ever thought about using iPad as a secondary screen for your computer to assist in computer use?

Test equipment and environment: Laptop with win11 / iPad Pro 11′ with iPadOS15

Applicable devices and environments: laptops with win11/win10/iPads with iPadOS15/14/13 (no restrictions on styles)

Solution ① (free):

1. Open the app store and search for Splashtop Wired XDisplay

(Generally we choose the HD version, which is better compatible with iPad)

2. Download Splashtop Wired XDisplay HD

3. Find a data cable and connect the PC and iPad (note: it is a data cable!!! It is the one that comes with Apple or has the data transmission function)

Note: If the computer has a Type-C port,iPad Air 4 / iPad Pro 11′ 12.9′ can directly use the original C to C cable, the transmission effect is better

     Q: What if it’s not C to C?

A: Purchase a docking station or adapter

4. Open the browser on your PC and search, download the PC companion application and install it

5. Open the downloaded software on PC and iPad at the same time

You may be asked to download iTunes. This is because the plug-in is missing on your computer. Just download it.


(Wait a few seconds to connect)

Summary: This application can already meet the basic requirements of watching dramas with code words, but forThe movement effect of the secondary screen is poor, it does not follow the hand very well, the delay is high, and the picture quality is average, about 150ms-300ms., suitable for users who are trying new things and setting up tables.

Solution ② (charged):

1. Open the app store and search for Duet Display

 2. Download Duet Display (68′)


3. Place the PC and iPad in the same LAN to connect

Summary: This app is suitable for editing parties and gaming parties.The usage delay is about 40ms-50ms, it is suitable for placing timelines or scoreboards, especiallyCompare hands when dragging position, which already meets the standards of office monitors.The picture quality is also relatively clear, suitable for long-term users

These two applications can turn the dusty iPad into treasure and serve as a helper for yourself when working and studying. But after all, the iPad screen is only a retina screen with a maximum size of 12.9′, so if you want to get the highest efficiency and office experience, you still have to choose a monitor!

(This article is for reference only and does not make a final conclusion)

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