Mobaihe CM311-1a does not require disassembly, flash firmware and + brush armbian to install docker and run Qinglong panel

Prepare a machine. If you buy it on Pinduoduo and flash the TV system, skip this step.


Flashing tutorial:
The machine must be rooted

1. Copy all the files to the USB flash drive, install the USB flash drive, turn on the computer and press the left button repeatedly. When the flashing progress bar appears, turn off the computer, and then quickly turn on the computer again. As shown in the picture below, enter this interface and wait;

After successful flashing, install the elec software

Link: (Access code: 6n9h)

Write the image to the USB disk through the balenaEtcher-Setup software

Mirror link:Click to open


Open the elec software and install the written USB flash drive to start Linux immediately.

The account password will be root 1234 from the beginning.

Next install docker

curl -fsSL -o

sh –mirror Aliyun

After installation, if you need the portainer Chinese panel, you can search for relevant tutorials.

Next install the Qinglong panel

docker run -dit \

  -v $PWD/ql:/ql/data \

  -p 5700:5700 \

  –name qinglong \

  –hostname qinglong \

  –restart unless-stopped \


Explanation: -v $pwd/ql This line can change the installation directory you want.

5700 can be changed to a custom port. If it is not changed, it will be ip: 5700 to open the panel.

latest can change the version you want. If you don’t change it, it will be the latest version.

Nothing else needs to be touched.

Lakula can’t pull it? It is recommended to use

This can be eaten directly and opened to github

For related Android flashing packages, follow my subscription account [Little Tomato Account]

Reply to the firmware to get the download link






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