Windows 11 configure JDK environment variables


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Windows 11 configure JDK environment variables


I recently bought a new laptop (DELL). When configuring the JDK environment variables, I found that the way to find environment variables in win11 is different from the previous way in win 7. I was a little confused at first. After checking the information, I found that there is no other way to find environment variables. Except for the changes, nothing else has changed, but in order to prevent forgetting in the future, I will write a blog to record it.

Configure environment variables

1) Find [This PC] right-click and click Properties

2) Select [System] on the right layer, pull down on the left side, and find [About]

3) You can see [Advanced System Settings], select [Advanced System Settings]

4) Click the [Environment Variables] button in the pop-up page

5) Click [New button] in the system variable area below -> Configure variable name and variable value

6) Variable name: JAVA_HOME, variable value: your jdk installation path

7) After adding JAVA_HOME, select path and click [Edit]

8) On the pop-up page, click [Add], enter %JAVA_HOME%\bin, and then click [OK]

9) In the last step, click [OK] to complete the configuration.


Open cmd and enter javac

Enter java -version

Test completed!

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