What are the network security related certificates?

People engaged in information security work often experience anxiety and irritability when faced with complex problems. Part of it may come from actual loopholes in the system and process. On the other hand, it may be due to some shortcomings in one’s own capabilities. Many people think that complex problems are more or less difficult to solve. If there is a good way to solve these two problems at the same time, the operation of the enterprise can be more efficient.

It will be an effective method for practitioners to further their studies and obtain more scientific guidance. Next, let the editor introduce to you several high-value certificates related to information security categories.

——Certificate 1: International Certification CISSP——

CISSP (Certification for Information System Security Professional) certificate represents the authoritative certification of international information system security practitioners. The CISSP certification project is aimed at professionals engaged in the construction, management, control or design of security systems in commercial environments. The skills and knowledge accumulation of relevant professional workers are tested.

Certificate advantages

1. The scope of the CISSP certification examination is quite broad, and it is helpful to expand your network security knowledge.

2. Universally welcomed internationally.

What we need to pay attention to is:

1. The cost is slightly higher. From receiving training to registering for the exam, the comprehensive cost is close to 1.5W. If you mainly develop in China, you can save about one-third of the cost by choosing the domestic CISP exam. The government and many enterprises and institutions also recognize CISP more.

2. Focuses on safety management and does little to improve technology. Those who have not reached a certain level of position may choose to improve their skills first.


——Certificate 2: Domestic certified CISP——

CISP (Certified Information Security Professional) is a national certification implemented by the China Information Security Product Evaluation and Certification Center, which recognizes the professional qualifications of information security personnel. This certificate is intended for information security professionals responsible for information management, operation and maintenance, and system construction in information security enterprises, government agencies, information security evaluation institutions, information security consulting service agencies, groups, social organizations, colleges and universities, and enterprises and institutions. Professional qualification certification issued by personnel.

Certificate advantages

1. Domestic certification, standard control is available, and it is easy to obtain the certificate.

2. Evaluation agencies and related service companies are more practical.

What we need to pay attention to is:

1. The cost is slightly higher. CISP is also a compulsory training. The training fee + examination fee is about 10,000, and the unit can reimburse you for taking the exam. It is still a bit painful for individuals.

2. There are many training institutions and it is difficult to distinguish them. Be sure to clarify your qualification authorization before applying.


——Certificate 3: Information Security Engineer——

Information security engineer is an examination jointly organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in order to cooperate with my country’s network security strategy. The purpose is to cultivate information security talents for our country. The certificate has the following functions:

Information Security Engineer Examination: Related security technologies and management will be mentioned, and the scope of the examination is very wide. Projects may involve: digital signatures, digital certificates, PKI, virtual patches, WAF, Class Assurance 2.0, security evaluation emergency response, cloud security, industrial control security, situational awareness, etc.

Certificate advantages

1. Network security and technical management will be mentioned, and the system is relatively comprehensive.

2. The exam cost is very low. The examination fee is usually around 140 yuan.

3. The certificate is permanently valid, no worries.

What we need to pay attention to is:

1. There is no question bank, and the exam is more difficult than CISSP and CISP (cryptography and security attack and defense exams are more in-depth).

2. The exam is only taken once a year. For specific times, please consult the instructor of the education and training institution.

3. Some knowledge points in the system are not in-depth, such as simple literacy in cloud security, industrial control security, etc.

2. Who is taking the exam to become an information security engineer?

Different groups of people choose different development directions. CISP certificates are more suitable for the following people to apply.

1. Enterprise information security managers

2. Information security service provider

3.IT or security consultants

4. Who is suitable for CISP certification?

5. Other personnel engaged in information security related work

6.IT auditors

7.Information security lecturers or trainers

8.Information security incident investigator


——Editor’s recommendation——

2022 Excellent Information Security Courses

1.CISP exclusive training content;

2. CISP-PTE exclusive training content;

3. CISP-A exclusive training content;

4. CISP-DSG exclusive training content.

When choosing different certificates, you need to understand your personal development direction. The certificate that suits your growth is worth applying for.

Sign up for the corresponding courses immediately and enjoy: an online question bank system, official designated teaching materials, supporting handouts (paper/electronic version), online communication group, etc. Multi-dimensional guarantee for you to successfully obtain the information security certificate!

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