This is the characteristic of making money and the underlying logic

This is the characteristic of making money and the underlying logic:

1. Never complain. Complaining is a way to vent your incompetence and anger at your inability to control the market.

2. Never regret

Regret is the most useless thing in this world. There is no regret medicine, and there are no ifs when the market is over. The only way to make up for it is to improve your cognition.

3.Open the pattern

Everyone wants to get rich suddenly, but most of them don’t have the pattern to get rich suddenly. They stare at the three melons and two dates in their account every day, and they want to count every coin one by one. They are just like the money-keeping landlord. Such a rich person What should it look like? It’s weird to make money

4. Value support

What are the basic characteristics of blockchain? If you throw out this simplest question, I believe 90% of leeks can’t answer it. Are you just trying to get rich instantly?

5. Development trends

Does the world need blockchain? What pain points are solved?

This is the core issue. It is recommended to figure this out first no matter what method you use, otherwise you will be lying to yourself and completely daydreaming instead of investing.

6. In the currency circle, it is easy to lose money. There are countless pitfalls in the currency circle. If you fall into any one of them, you will lose everything. This is what novices need to be most cautious about.

7. In the currency circle, it is difficult to make money. You must meet the conditions of mature investors at the same time. The more conditions you meet, the greater the probability of success.

8 time accumulation, at least one round of bull and bear.

This is what I have always emphasized. If you have not experienced a bull and bear cycle, it is impossible to navigate the currency circle with ease.

9 strategies

Don’t go short easily

Don’t fill up your position easily

Keeping bullets forever is an expert strategy. You can wait a few years for an opportunity, such as the epic 312 plunge last year.

Many people regret not buying at the low point when it goes up, and regret not selling at the high point when it goes down.

In fact, these psychology can be solved with one strategy

That is to insist on investing your spare money

The basic logic of investing spare money is not to get rich overnight.

But it is by no means easy to do this. Human greed and fear are the most difficult to overcome.

Many people like to find people to replenish their faith when they fall. Anyone who does this will not make a lot of money, because faith is never something that can be said by words, and other people’s faith cannot become yours. Just like if you don’t go to the West to obtain Buddhist scriptures yourself, and ask Monk Tang to help you kowtow to the Buddha, can your dream come true?

10.Risk and return control

Always remember that risk and return are always directly proportional, and assessing risk and return is a core skill.

If you withstand fluctuations of 10%-50%, you will most likely only be able to enjoy an increase of this magnitude. If the market is good, it will double in a few years, which is better than many people. This is relatively common in the stock market.

In the currency circle, only by being able to withstand a 90% correction can you earn ten to dozens of times profits.

Only by having the courage to withstand 99% of the correction (basically returning to zero) can you reap hundreds and thousands of times profits.

On the other hand, it means that if you want to make money a hundred times or a thousand times, you have to be mentally prepared for your funds to shrink by 99%.

There is never anything for nothing in this world, including lottery. Even if you win 100 million in the lottery, the money you can control will be directly proportional to your current control ability.

There are even more rules about positions, about currencies, about swapping positions, about expectations, and about cycles. Which of these can a novice do?

Therefore, everything must go through a bull-bear cycle. If you are an old leek for several years, and your income has not exceeded the pie and ether, then your current investment system basically needs to be completely overturned and re-established.

Today is Wednesday, January 12th

Trading is nothing more than buying and selling. Although it seems simple, it is also very difficult. It lies in the dual understanding of the market and oneself. It is necessary to clearly understand what kind of profit one wants to obtain, and in different trading periods and environments. Matching different operating methods, whether radical or steady, requires real-time control and conversion. Join the free community of counselors, the warmest circle, where you can communicate with millions of senior enthusiasts and provide you with a comprehensive layout and one-on-one guidance to help you find the right people and do the right things.

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