Metasploitable-linux-2.0.0 target machine download and configuration tutorial

1 Overview
(1) download:
Extraction code: 1111
(2) VMware version: VMware Workstation 15 Pro (15.5.0 build-14665864)

2. Installation process
(1) Directly decompress the compressed package: Double-click to select the extracted .vmx file

(2) Modify the network configuration of the target machine and selectbridgingmodel

(3) Turn on the virtual machine selection, pop up the pop-up box and select “I have copied this virtual machine”

(4) UseOrdinary user msfadmin, password msfadminLog in

(5) Modify root password

msfadmin@metasploitable:~$ sudo passwd root

After entering the command, enter the new root user password twice and it will displaypasswd: password updated successfullyIt means the modification is successful.

(6) Switch to root user

msfadmin@metasploitable:~$ su root

Enter the password you just set, and it will appear as shown below after success.

(7) Configure eth0 network card

root@metasploitable:/home/msfadmin# vim /etc/network/interfaces

The configuration is as follows:(Adjust according to different needs)

auto eth0 
iface eth0 inet static #Set IP as static acquisition
address #IP address
netmask #mac address
gateway #Gateway address

enter:wqSave and exit

(8) Restart network service

root@metasploitable:/home/msfadmin# /etc/init.d/networking restart

(9) Check whether the network card configuration information has been changed successfully

root@metasploitable:/home/msfadmin# ifconfig

(10) Save the snapshot after the modification is successful so that we can quickly rebuild if it is damaged later.

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