[IDEA]How to Chineseize IDEA&How to convert it back to English after Chineseization

Preface: After installing IDEA, some students prefer to use the Chinese version of IDEA, while some students prefer to use the English version. After downloading IDEA, IDEA may automatically install a Chinese version for you after you enter it for the first time. plug-in, and when you enter it for the second time, it will be a Chinese interface, so here I will tell you where this plug-in is.

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How to convert IDEA to Chinese/how to convert back to English:

1. First open IDEA and then create a new project

Click new project to create a project

Fill in the project name, path, etc. first, then click create

English to Chinese

1. Click File in the upper left corner and select Settings

2. Reach the Setting page and select Plugins

3. Search for chinese in the search box and select the Chinese language pack to download.

4. Find the download plug-in, select it, and then OK

5. After ok, a prompt will pop up asking you to restart. After restarting, it will be fine.

Then the IDEA of the Chinese page appears:

Chinese to English

1. The same thing is to create a project, then enter the page, select the file, and select settings

2. On the settings page, find the plug-in, select it, then select installed in the upper right corner, find the Chinese language pack, then uncheck it, and then click OK.

3. After clicking OK, a prompt will pop up to restart. After the restart is completed, you can return to the English page.

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