HBase deployment is completed, but the Web UI interface cannot be opened. Effective solution


1. HBase has been deployed and the jps viewing process exists, butHMaster always crashes

2、16010The interface cannot be opened (disavow link

3. Three nodes16030The interface is displayed as follows (regionserver is only initializing


Problem analysis: When I encountered this problem, I found many solutions, but they were all ineffective, and these solutions were ambiguous and not directly explained.

I checked the log and it showed znode data == null


In the hadoop configuration file core-site.xml:


In the configuration file hbase-site.xml of HBase-site.xml:


Make sure: the ports of the above two configuration files are consistent,Either they are all 8020, or they are all 9000

If you only modified HBase, then restart HBase

If you modify hadoop, you need to reformat the hadoop cluster

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