Application of 300PLCmpi to Ethernet in aluminum profile aging furnace through Xingda Easy Control MPI-ETH-XD1.0


Based on the existing mature technology, the more cost-effective domestic Xingda Easy-to-Control MPI-ETH-XD1.0 module is used to replace the traditional Ethernet Communication CP343 processor to achieve more functional applications.

Key words

Aging furnace CHNet MPI to Ethernet

As a typical equipment in the heat treatment industry, the aluminum profile aging furnace plays a decisive role in various aluminum profile processing plants. This equipment is the final process equipment, and the processed profiles are the finished products. The reliability and temperature uniformity of the equipment are required. relatively high.

Technical parameters and composition of heating furnace
Purpose Aging or annealing of aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles
Heating temperature 175-300℃
Heating method: electric heating
Number of partitions 2 areas
Temperature control PLC automatic control
Control system Siemens S7-300 PLC
Human-machine interface Advantech embedded industrial computer
Configuration software KingView
The entire furnace body adopts a 2-layer box structure. The first layer is the material layer, and the second layer is the heating element layout layer. The second layer has 2 high-power centrifugal fans and 3 or 5 flow guide devices. The basic principle is to use the periodic reversal of the flow guide device to blow high-temperature wind from one end to the material layer, and then suck it back from the other end. The flow direction of the wind is controlled by the guide plate.

Electrical control system
Since there are not many I/O points, the lowest-end 312CPU in the S7-300 was chosen. Also, because the host computer is an embedded industrial computer and has no expansion card slot, it cannot add a CP5611 communication card. In the past, the solution was to use a PLC system to add too many I/O points. Netcom Xun module CP343-1Lean, but the cost is a bit high. Figure 1 shows the PLC configuration list.

Figure 1 PLC configuration list

Figure 2 Screenshot of touch screen

By browsing information on the Internet, I discovered the product Xingda Easy Control MPI-ETH-XD1.0. It is not only small in size, but also includes functions such as OPC Server and MODBUS-TCP protocol. With the attitude of giving it a try, I adopted it. this product. After being used on site, the design requirements were fully met, the cost was saved, and the functions of the equipment were expanded. For example, in the past, the operation data of the equipment was provided to the third-level network of the workshop through the OPC interface of the configuration software, which required the configuration software to purchase the authorization for the OPC part. Now after using Xingda Easy Control CHNet, through Xingda Easy Control CHNet The OPC interface can meet the requirements. Moreover, after using Xingda Easy Control CHNet, PC Adapter USB is also saved, because Xingda Easy Control CHNet can be used as a programming cable for S7-200/300/400. With a SOHO router, you can use WIFI for debugging. , eliminating the need for wires, which is very convenient.

Figure 3 Xingda Easy Control MPI-ETH-XD1.0

Let’s talk about the settings of Xingda Easy Control MPI-ETH-XD1.0 in Step 7 in detail. The computer must first install the Xingda Easy Control CHNet driver interface Xingda Easy Control CHNetS7PDsetup. This driver currently also provides a dedicated version for 64-bit systems. 64-bit driver and interface driver for the Portal software platform. After installing the driver, first change the PC/PG programming configuration interface in the control panel to Xingda Easy Control MPI-ETH-XD1.0, and keep the other default settings. The driver in Kingview just needs to use S7-300 TCP, which is the same interface as CP343-1.


This project was put into use in January 2011. At present, the system is running well and stably, meeting the requirements expected by users. By using Xingda Easy Control MPI-ETH-XD1.0, we can see the development of domestic gateway technology, which will definitely have a broader future.

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