Ambire Wallet 2022 Roadmap

After the successful launch on December 16, we are very happy to announce the road plan of our ambire wallet in 2022. The launch of the wallet is just the beginning. We firmly believe that 2022 will be our key year!

what we did last year

Last year, we launched the ambire wallet, which has more features than we expected, such as multi-account and cross-chain support, walletconnect support, flashbots and Eden network integration, NFT dashboard, etc.

In addition, we also released a continuous airdrop for early users, which provides our users with a fair opportunity to enjoy a portion of the token distribution before the token is released.

Q1 2022: Token launch

Our annual focus: the launch of wallet tokens, please pay close attention to our trends.

Q1 2022: Mobile Apps

The mobile app is currently under development, with plans to support the same functionality as the web app where applicable, as well as additional benefits such as biometric authentication and leveraging iOS security verification. The app will be available on iOS and Android, and will likely be released on iOS first.

Q2 2022: walletDAO

WalletDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization managed and owned by WALLET token holders. Its purpose is to manage the development and integration of Ambire.

Since wallets are the primary user-facing component of crypto infrastructure, integration decisions are often the most contentious. Especially DeFi dashboards like ambire.

For example, what if two DeFi protocols compete to become the default provider of Swap functionality? Their respective communities may push their protocols to win. The $WALLET token and the DAO provide everyone with the opportunity to make the wallet widely available by actually purchasing $WALLET and competing through a governance system designed to select a clear winner.

Third quarter of 2022: card

The card is semi-custodial, and you can deposit funds into the vault at any time and use them at any time, but it does not include frozen debts. In addition, you can repay them manually using mortgages or different funds.

The card is optional and you can use it after passing KYC.

Q4 2022: Plugins and walletDAO

If you are careful, you may have noticed that the Swap function is very similar to SushiSwap. This is because we have plugged into an innovative plug-in system that allows any DeFi protocol to be “deeply” integrated with Ambire and directly accessible within Ambire.

We believe this step is critical for DeFi adoption and security: imagine a world where every DeFi protocol is accessible from a single interface, rather than requiring permissions for the dApp, connecting it directly to your wallet, etc., which of course you need Make sure it’s not a phishing site.

Maybe the plugin system will come earlier, but in Q4 we will combine it with WalletDAO to enable token holders to vote on featured plugins and conduct security assessments, making it the first community-governed s application.

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